Hey Scott

I know you're not a big fan of overloading promotions with too many titles, but do you think AEW should look into a Trios/6 Man Tag Team Titles?

They have so many factions and stables that it might really help to add some spice to those 6-8 man tags we see.
Hell, they could run an 8 team field for the quarter finals with very little effort.

  • The Inner Circle – Hager, Santana & Ortiz
  • The Dark Order – (could even run two teams out of that – Dark Order Prime – Colt, Grayson and Uno plus the Dark Order Ham n' Eggers – 5, Silver, Reynolds, 10, or others
  • The Elite – Omega & Young Bucks, once Kenny drops the tag titles to FTR at All Out
  • Cody & Natural Nightmares
  • Hangman & FTR
  • Orange & Best Friends
  • Jurassic Express
  • The SCU
  • Matt Hardy & Private Party
  • Eddie Kingston's new stable
  • Death Triangle – when PAC is allowed back in
Or, make it completely unique and have (I think) the world's first 8 Man Tag Team Champions?!?!?

What say you sir?

They're not doing 8 man titles, but the Bucks already said on the boat last year that they're doing six man titles for sure.  Probably around the time that the new show launches on TNT, I'd imagine.