Retribution payoff

I’m struggling to think of a satisfying payoff to the Retribution thing. Any ideas? 

I did notice the rumor that WWE was negotiating to bring in Wade Barrett for some role. If they stretch the eventual Retribution unmaskings long enough, or go the Dark Order route and reveal their Exalted One later down the line, Barrett is the one guy that really checks all the boxes. He fits as a guy seeking retribution after getting over huge with the Bad News gimmick only to have the rug pulled out from under him, and he’d also have some insight into what starry-eyed WWE-hopefulls from NXT are going through and how to manipulate them. Retibution’s tactics even mirror Nexus’ as an attack from behind and in numbers strategy. Perhaps most importantly, he has charisma and presence, and is a great talker. The Retribution angle currently does nothing for me, but I feel like Barrett as the leader would be pretty fantastic.

Yeah, but to what end?  He's not wrestling anymore and he's much better served as the commentator on NXT.  All that would happen is Vince would get bored of him after a couple of months like he always does and then Wade would be bounced out again.