Roman and his “heel turn”

This isn’t a proper Heel turn I’ll bet you anything. This is gonna be a thing where Roman is conflicted and occasionally maybe kinda sorta does the wrong thing but never really outright dastardly like a …ya know….HEEL. And in the process he gets to be more

of a bad ass than he was prior. This is an attempt to get him some smark audience support ala Austin before he turned face officially. Yes this is yet another attempt to try and get Roman over as a FACE. Probably anywhere from 4-6 months down the line Roman

will have had enough of Heyman or Heyman will betray him and guess what that will lead to….Roman vs. Lesnar….AGAIN. That’s my prediction of where this is all leading towards. This half assed kinda sorta not really heel turn:

-Yet another way of tryig to get Roman over by giving him some edge
-Roman vs. Lesnar part 1,000,000
That’s what everyone is excited about. Reference this come WM 37 and Roman vs. Lesnar is on the card. I hope I’m wrong I really do.

Hot take, broseph. But they desperately need a top money drawing babyface and that’s Roman. This is what we’ve said they should do to get there all along.