Favorite years as a wrestling fan.


What would you say your favorite year would be as a wrestling fan for a promotion and for a wrestler.  I’m pretty sure NWA 89 and Bret Hart 97 rank high on your list. For me Great Muta in 89, Samoa Joe in 05 and Chris Benoit from about 95-98 where the  times remember seeing a wrestler and just thinking this guy is awesome.

As far as promotions WWE highway to hell summer of 98 and The whole year of 2000 is something I can watch on the Network at any time.

For a promotion and overall as a fan still has to be 1987 for me.  I was fresh off the proverbial boat as a full-time fan and I got hit with the Four Horsemen, Megapowers, Honky Tonk Man, Ultimate Warrior and the last glory days of the territorial system.  I had no chance.  
As for a year of a particular wrestler, Flair in 89 is hard to top.