WWF Superstars – May 20th, 1995

May 20, 1995

From the O’Neil Center in Danbury, CT

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix

This week, Razor Ramon vs. Jacob Blu in a King of the Ring Qualifying match. Also, a new Shawn Michaels video plus Man Mountain Rock in action and more!



Smoking Gunns vs. Mike Khoury & Bob Cook

The announcers talking about The Gunns wanting another shot at the titles. Cook knocks Billy down to start then punches him to stop an Irish whip sequence. Billy comes back with a hip toss then works the arm for a bit. The announcers talk about Ted DiBiase challenging Diesel & Bam Bam Bigelow to a match against Sid & Tatanka. Bart tags and Khoury briefly works him over. Bart now works the arm of Khoury then Billy tags and hits some sorry excuse of a corkscrew neckbreaker. Vince talks about Jerry Lawler gloating over his victory against Bret Hart with help from Hakushi then the Gunns put Khoury away with the Sidewinder (3:18).

Thoughts: It seems like The Gunns might get another shot at the belts but its clear the build is for the Allied Powers to become #1 contenders. However, most of the focus on commentary was on DiBiase’s challenge to Diesel & Bigelow.


Still photos of Diesel vs. Sid match from In Your House plus clips from RAW with DiBiase issuing the challenge to Diesel & Bigelow.


We are now shown what happened during the break on RAW when Sid & Tatanka came out after Bigelow beat IRS. They stared down Bigelow & Diesel from ringside before leaving.


Jean Pierre LaFitte vs. John Crystal

The announcers plug the Wrestling Challenge game as part of the Superstar Line as LaFitte beats on Crystal. We see Crystal fight back and get a two count with a sunset flip but LaFitte quickly regains control. LaFitte stomps a mudhole into Crystal as the announcers talk about Diesel & Bigelow and if they will accept DiBiase’s challenge. LaFitte ties up Crystal in the ropes and hits a pair of crossbodies as the announcers talk about the potential tag match and Sid vs. Bob Holly on “Action Zone.” LaFitte stays in control as Vince says Bret Hart will confront Lawler this coming Monday night on RAW. LaFitte hits a side slam then a flying leg drop but pulls Crystal up at two and goes back up top for the Cannonball and the win (3:23).

Thoughts: More talk about the potential tag match and a quick plug for the Action Zone featured match. We also learn that Bret will confront Lawler on RAW.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. More hype for the New York swing of the World Tour De Force. We learn that Sid vs. Diesel at MSG will take place in a cage per ruling of WWF President Jack Tunney. Well, lets see if that actually takes place. However, the big news is learning that last night in Montreal, Razor Ramon defeated Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental Title in a ladder match. And, there will be more on that throughout the weekend.


A new Bodydonnas vignette as they want us pizza-eating fatties to fix their problems before telling the rest of the WWF they’ll be causing all of them problems. These promos are lame but Sunny stands out in them.


Man Mountain Rock vs. Bill Payne

Vince goes off about Rock’s guitar playing as Hendrix says it makes you wish you had long hair which has to be an inside reference due to Vince wanting Hendrix to cut his hair for the announcer job. Rock grounds Payne to start. Payne reaches the ropes as the announcers put over Rock’s amateur wrestling background. Rock reverses a hip toss then slams Payne with one arm. Payne avoids an elbow drop and hammers away in the corner. Rock whips Payne into the corner and turns him inside out with a clothesline before the Whammy Bar gets the win (2:15). Rock then does some dancing and playing to the fans.

Thoughts: Rock is not getting over and the initial presentation has been really lame.


Clips of Bob Backlund’s announcement from RAW are shown. After that we cut back to the announcers as Hendrix is wearing a Backlund for President button. Hendrix also says Backlund is thinking of choosing Ross Perot as a running mate as they both have the same barber.


A number flashes on the screen to buy tickets for the King of the Ring in Philadelphia.


The Shawn Michaels music video from RAW is shown.


Joe Salvador is the guest ring announcer.


Mantaur w/ Jim Cornette vs. Gary Scott

Mantaur rams Scott into the corner then takes him down with a fireman’s carry. The announcers talk about Shawn vs. King Kong Bundy this coming Monday on RAW then about Mantaur’s loss to Bob Holly on RAW. Mantaur blocks a sunset flip with a sitdown splash then the camera cuts to Cornette who is laughing over Mantaur kicking Scott’s ass. Vince reiterates how Shawn wanted to face Sid but DiBiase made him face Bundy first. Scott avoids an avalanche as Vince says Shawn vs. Bundy will be a King of the Ring qualifying match. Scott eventually knocks down Mantaur with a dropkick but comes off the top and gets caught in a front falling slam as Mantaur gets the win (1:51).

Thoughts: Big news here is learning that Shawn vs. Bundy will be a KoTR qualifying match. I believe this was Mantaur’s final televised win on WWF TV.


We get a graphic for the WWF Hall of Fame Ceremony that takes place on June 24th, the day before King of the Ring.


Jacob & Eli Blu are with Uncle Zebekiah, who tells Razor Ramon he can get taken out at any time.


Still photo package of the Razor Ramon vs. Jeff Jarrett & The Roadie match from In Your House. After that we hear the Savio Vega promo from RAW.


Jacob Blu w/ Uncle Zebekiah & Eli vs. Razor Ramon 

We learn that next week’s King of the Ring Qualifying match is Kama vs. Duke Droese which sure has some instant classic potential. The match is joined in progress as it took place while Lord Alfred Hayes was reading off ads. Jacob is beating on Razor to start as the announcers talk about not being able to tell Jacob & Eli apart. Razor ducks a kick then fires away. He hits a running clothesline in the corner then Jacob bails and regroups with Zebekiah. Jacob returns and tosses Razor over the top rope. Razor comes back in and gets tossed down but Razor gets up and works the arm. Jacob takes Razor down as we go to break then the action returns with Razor fighting back. Jacob uses a mat slam after Razor ducked his head then eventually covers and gets a two count. Jacob rams Razor in the corner and puts him in the tree-of-woe. Razor comes back and gets two with a crossbody but runs into a clothesline as Jacob gets two. Razor gets tossed outside again then rolls in and surprises Jacob with a small package for two. The announcers list off potential King of the Ring winners as Jacob applies a chin lock. Razor gets backed into the corner but fights back and uses a flying bulldog for a two count. Razor fires away as Zebekiah distracts the ref so Eli attacks Razor from the apron. Savio Vega now runs out and beats on Eli and as that happens, Jacob gets distracted and Razor rolls him up for the win (9:50) 3/4*.

Thoughts: Another lousy King of the Ring qualifying match. Jacob’s offense sucked and he doesn’t have any heat to begin with. Razor showed fire at points on offense and they brought of Savio to establish their friendship.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. More on the World Tour De Force.


Besides Kama vs. Droese for next week, we will have Shawn Michaels vs. Tom Prichard. Plus, the debut of Tekno Team 2000 and more!


Final Thoughts: Lots of talk about the Diesel & Bigelow vs. Sid & Tatanka proposed match throughout the show as that seems to be the next big match, maybe even at King of the Ring. Razor Ramon qualified for the KoTR and next week we get Kama vs. Droese in what surely sounds like it will be a barnburner. Expect more build towards King of the Ring but unfortunately, nothing sounds all that promising so far.