Most unprofessional moment in wrestling

Hey Scott,

The MSG reviews reminded me of a Paul Roma/Shane Douglas match where the ref accidentally called 3 on the sequence and, instead of ending the match, they kept going for another couple more spots and Roma ending up winning twice.

I wouldn't call this a botch, since they could've just pretended that was the finish and no one would've cared. Instead they just exposed the business in the most hilarious way possible. It looked like a video game glitch where you won the match but the computer punches you again.

To your mind what was the most unprofessional moment in wrestling?

1. Randy Orton: “Stupid, Stupid”
2. HBK: “MOVE!” Stomp
3. Brody/Luger
4. Kitao/Earthquake

Out of those ones?  Kitao by a landslide.