Friday Night Party Thread: August 28, 2020


Well, it looks like a few people don’t like the Prime Time gimmick… eh, as I’ve said before, just hit “end” on your keypad and enter the comments. It’s what I do.  Plus, I like writing them, so… there.

Some interesting discussion on the BoD today, like what makes a star rating, why did wrestling tank in 2015, and why life as we know it sucks.  Okay, that last bit is every day.  But it makes me wonder: what change do you make in 2015 to save the product?  There are two that come to mind for me: 1, give the women you’ve called up a purpose rather than being placeholders while Nikki wipes Mrs. Punk off the record book; and 2, have Seth Rollins beat John Cena, clean, on his own, at SummerSlam, and really establish you’re all in on him and the fans can like it or not.  It’s what helped with Cena, and it’s what they haven’t done since.

In the meantime, sports is taking the day off more or less.  Some colleges are playing football this weekend, whether they should or not.  And I’m still stuck in my apartment because visiting friends might make me sick, but going downtown to a protest like my friends did is A-OK.  No, I’m not BITTER.

Anyway, gentlemen, we’ve been over the rules in the back.  Pay attention to the mod’s commands at all times.  I expect a good clean thread.  Now touch gloves, go to your keyboards, and come out posting.

(And here it is, your Moment of Zen)