Dark Order

AEW makes me happy as a wrestling fan.  They have consistent story lines, fresh faces, well paced shows.

But even with the long build of the Dark Order and a decent big guy in Brodie Lee, a good wrestler in Stu Grayson, and Anna Jay, they still seem terrible and dumb.  Couldn’t care less about them during the six man with the elite. Hate when even with a numbers advantage their under guys beat a top guy or a midcarder. Brodie is decent but he’s ehhh in the role of a charismatic monster.  And as well played the destruction of the Cody crew last week, it still seemed like a waste.

What has changed for people to start seeing them as a threat or not just terrible?

Dunno what to tell you.  Uno and Grayson have always been great in the ring and Silver & Reynolds are solid underneath guys.  You can say you don’t view them as a threat but it’s silly to say they’re not delivering in the ring.