WWF In Your House #1

May 14, 1995

From the Onondaga County War Memorial in Syracuse, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix


A video package running down the key matches on the card plus showcasing the house someone will win tonight.


Hakushi w/ Shinja vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart 

Before heading out to the ring, Todd Pettengill is backstage with Bret. He asks him about tonight as Bret says Hakushi is a great wrestler but Haukushi has never faced anyone like himself then called out Jerry Lawler. Vince wants to know how much energy Bret will have to preserve for Lawler later on in the show. Dok tells us that Shinja has had Hakushi study Bret’s sharpshooter in order to escape the hold. We end in a stalemate after Hakushi showcased his agility then they trade off working the arm. Hakushi takes Bret down with a flying shoulder tackle and barely gets a two count. Hakushi goes back to the arm for a bit. Bret escapes and gets two with a reverse rollup and now he works the arm. We get some miscommunication so Bret elbows Hakushi on the back of the hea and throws him around a bit until Hakushi bails. Bret was ready for a sneak attack and regains control until Hakushi whips him into the corner. Hakushi gets two with a Vader Bomb as we go split screen to Lawler watching backstage on a monitor. Hakushi now uses a nerve hold then chokes out Bret in the corner. Hakushi stomps away and beats Bret down then runs him through the ropes to avoid a reverse rollup. Shinja stomps Bret on the outside while the ref was distracted then Bret is back inside and gets stomped by Hakushi. Bret gets attacked in the corner and Shinja continues to attack Bret while the ref is distracted. Vince is upset over Shinja’s involvement but Dok tells him to “be neutral” in a funny moment. Hakushi hits a handspring back elbow smash in the corner but Bret fights back. Hakushi rakes Bret’s face then flips out of a side slam to hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that gets two. Hakushi heads up top and hits the diving headbutt but Bret is just able to kick out as Dok believes it was a three count. Hakushi tries a springboard splash but Bret rolls away as both men are down. Bret is up first and fires away. He gets two with a Russian leg sweep then with a bulldog. Bret hits a flying elbow drop after a backbreaker then tries the Sharpshooter but is distracted by Shinja on the apron. Bret stops a sneak attack and takes Hakushi down with a flying clothesline then punches away as Hakushi is on the ropes. Shinja trips up Bret so Bret flies out with a tope then hammers away to pump up the crowd. Bret goes back into the ring and Hakushi dropkicks him for a two count. Bret blocks a suplex then ends up taking Hakushi and himself over the top rope with a suplex. Both guys are out on the floor and Shinja yanks Bret off of the apron. Bret goes after Shinja but Hakushi takes him out with a quebrada. Hakushi is back in the ring as Bret tries to get up and beat the ten count. Hakushi tries to suplex Bret back into the ring but Bret floats over and that leads to a reversal sequence ending with Bret using a victory roll for the win (14:42) ***1/2. We then see Bret leap to the floor and now limps up the aisle while clutching his knee.

Thoughts: Very good match and excellent opener. The only thing keeping it from hitting the next level was some plodding offense by Hakushi in the middle of the match as he continues to struggle with what to do between moves. The last 4-5 minutes just great though. The finish protects Hakushi enough as he did not submit to the Sharpshooter but with his undefeated streak now ever its down the card for him. According to “Something to Wrestle With” podcast, Hakushi was feuding with Bret so Bret could have someone to feud with on house shows. And Vince himself was not as high on Hakushi due to the fact that we thought Hakushi was going to be a larger person than he was as he apparently appeared bigger due to working with smaller opponents in Japan.


Todd Pettengill is at the Superstar Line where we see Stan Lane and Alundra Blayze, who is also sporting a new haircut. Lawler appears as Pettengill tells him that the winners will come to the line after their match so Lawler makes up an excuse to leave.


We cut to Stephanie Wiand as she is at the set where we once again see the armored truck with police escort head to the arena from earlier today. She says there are over 340,000 entries from all over the continent.


1-2-3 Kid calls in and Vince asks him about the match. Kid says he is watching now and wants to be there so bad he can taste it as Vince awaits his return to the ring. Kid said he is watching Roadie & Jarrett closely and even though he is not there he will get them in a match when he returns. Razor is now shown on a split screen saying this might be his first advertised handicap match but it’s been “2 vs. 1 since day one” then tells Roadie & Jarrett they are going down for him, Kid, and “Mama Ramon.”


Jeff Jarrett & The Roadie vs. Razor Ramon

Dok says this is the first handicap match on a WWF PPV then wonders if The Roadie has any skills in the ring. Jarrett sneak attacks Razor as Roadie provided the distraction. Razor comes back with a clothesline then punches away until Jarrett rolls outside. Vince still wants to know if Roadie is an “accomplished” wrestler. Jarrett returns and is able to ram Razor into the corner a few times but whiffs on a dropkick and gets clotheslined over the top rope. Razor now chases Jarrett around the ring until Roadie attacks from behind. Jarrett drops Razor with a enziguiri then struts around but gets caught with an overhead slam for two as Roadie made the save. Roadie tags in now and drops Razor with a clothesline. Roadie then headbutts Razor in the gut and takes him down and follows that up with three straight elbow drops. Roadie dances before tagging out but Razor blocks a sunset flip and that leads to a mini pinfall reversal sequence. Razor blocks a suplex and uses a small package for two but immediately gets dropped with a clothesline. Roadie & Jarrett keep running interference to stop any comeback from Razor then we see Jarrett back drop Razor over the top rope to block a Razor’s Edge attempt and Razor is grabbing his knee. Roadie takes Razor out on the outside with a flying clothesline from the apron then hugs Jarrett in the ring as Vince says Razor will lose by count out. Razor just beats the ten count and rolls through a crossbody from Jarrett and gets two. Jarrett dropkicks Razor for a two count then hits a neckbreaker and taunts the crowd. Jarrett misses a jumping attack on Razor’s neck as both men are down but since Razor does not have a partner to tag the crowd is not reacting. Razor and Jarrett collide and end up back down on the mat as the camera shows a piece of tape on Razor’s boot that reads “Kid.” Razor uses a back suplex and both men are back down on the mat once again. Jarrett finally tags out as Roadie heads to the middle rope and hits a knee drop for two. Roadie now uses a chin lock as the crowd now seems to get back into the match a bit as Razor fights out. Razor uses a mat slam as both men are down. Jarrett tags but Razor gets up and fires away. He whips Jarrett into Roadie then starts punching Roadie. Razor hits Roadie with a super back suplex then signals for the Razor’s Edge but Jarrett goes after his knee then signals for the figure-four. Razor pushes Jarrett away with his foot and Jarrett collides with Roadie then Razor hits Jarrett with the Razor’s Edge for the win (12:40) **1/2. Roadie attacks Razor after the match but Razor fights him off. Razor is about to hit Roadie with the Razor’s Edge but Jarrett attacks from behind. Jarrett puts Razor in the figure four then Aldo Montoya runs out for the save. Montoya beats on Roadie for a bit until Jarrett breaks and attacks. Montoya gets dumped then Roadie & Jarrett beat on Razor until some unknown runs in and attacks Jarrett & Roadie. The announcers have no idea who he is and he cleans house until several officials run out to hold him back. He is then escorted backstage by police.

Thoughts: The match was as good as it was going to be giving the stipulations but it did feel like it went on for too long. Also, kinda bold they had Jarrett eat the pin here as he has not been booked as any sort of threat has the Intercontinental Champion. However, the big story was this man who ran in to help Razor. And we will learn of his identity before the show ends.


We get a really hokey add for King of the Ring. The beginning of it was like a G rated version of a “Braveheart” trailer which was released around this time.


WWF President Jack Tunney & Billy Red Lyons are backstage speaking to Lawler. They get screamed at by Lawler, who says being a king overrules a president and he should be facing Bret now but the request was denied.


The Sid video we’ve seen this weekend airs.


Barry Didinsky is in the crowd shilling merchandise. He’s still lousy at his job.


King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Mabel w/ Mo vs. Adam Bomb

Mo gets in Bomb’s face and is attacked but Mabel attacks from behind. The ref admonishes Mabel then the bell rings. Mabel hits an avalanche but Bomb avoids a second attempt and fights back. Bomb takes Mabel through the ropes with a flying shoulder tackle then wipes him out with a pescado. Back inside, Bomb gets two with a slingshot clothesline then heads back up top with a flying clothesline that barely gets two. Mabel then reverses an Irish whip and hits a spinning heel kick then catches Bomb and hits a front falling slam for the win (1:54) 3/4*. Mabel then makes some mean faces.

Thoughts: Bomb, who had the rare chance to work as the smaller man flying around in this match, showed good fire and did well I thought. Mabel, however, was awful in everything he did here. Bomb losing this quickly was something since it seemed like he was being pushed for something much bigger and booked against Jarrett for the IC Title at the next MSG house show. According to Bomb’s shoot interview with RF Video, Bomb said he was told by Vince & Pat Patterson that he would get the IC belt after putting over Mabel but that never happened. Bomb even claimed that Mabel was there when he was told of this news. Mabel is now the first person entered into the King of the Ring Tournament.


Pettengill is in the Superstar Line area with Razor Ramon and his friend who saved him tonight, Carribean superstar Savio Vega. We hear from Vega as he no one will mess with him or his friend Razor. They fist bump and leave together. And Vega was in the company at this time as he was the one portraying Kwang. According to Vega in his shoot interview with RF Video, JJ Dillon & Vince came up to him with this idea to be Razor’s friend from the streets as they wanted him to use another gimmick. And apparently Vince liked his big arms and gave him the vest to wear. Vega was also friends with Razor in real life but we will see how that played out after the company meeting at Titan Towers on 5/18.


Lawler comes out demanding his match take place now but is ordered backstage.


WWF Tag Team Title Match: Smoking Gunns vs. Owen Hart & Yokozuna (c) w/ Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette

Dok says the Gunns should try to keep Owen in the ring as long as possible and tire him out for the win. Billy starts off with Yokozuna and hits a pair of dropkicks. Bart tags and tries to work the arm but gets dropped with a headbutt. Owen is in and Bart catches him with a press slam. The Gunns take control briefly until Billy is distracted by Fuji waving the Japanese flag, allowing Owen to hit an enziguiri. The champs beat on Billy as Vince yells at him to stay down. Yokozuna works a nerve hold then Owen tags and gets two with a reverse neckbreaker. Billy comes back to get two with a sunset flip but Owen drops him with a spinning heel kick. Yokozuna tries an avalanche on the outside but misses and rams the post. Billy avoids a corner attack from Owen and tags out as Bart fires away. Bart uses a scoop slam for two. Bart celebrates after a back suplex then the Gunns use a double-team move but waste time celebrating before covering and only get two. Owen ducks a flying body press and Bart spills outside. Yokozuna hits a leg drop on the floor then rolls Bart back in as Billy was sent to the corner after knocking Cornette off of the apron and Owen covers for the win (5:46) *1/2.

Thoughts: This played out like a featured match you would see on “Superstars” with the champs retaining clean after a finish to write off The Gunns as challengers.


Pettengill is backstage with Diesel. He asks Diesel about Mother’s Day as Diesel talks about losing his mom after Christmas then says every day it seems like another 300 lbs guy comes through the WWF door to challenge him for the title. Diesel said he is 100% then says Sid has to be stopped and what he did to Shawn lit a fire in him and even references a line from “I Am The Walrus” by The Beatles.


Lawler is now in the ring with his mother, who is an attractive young lady that’s obviously not his mother. He yells at the crowd before saying he will make his “mom” proud and will do so by beating Bret tonight. Lawler’s mom then says she will challenge Helen Hart after Lawler wins.


Bret is backstage with Pettengill at the “gorilla position” according to Dok. Bret shows he is in fact 100% and that despite not being April Fools Day this will have to do.


Jerry Lawler vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

Lawler is now afraid of seeing that Bret is healthy and tries to run away but his attacked in the corner. Lawler bails but Bret runs out after him and beats him down. We go back inside as Lawler catches Bret with a piledriver. He celebrates but Bret gets up and beats on Lawler in the corner. Bret bulldogs Lawler before hitting a piledriver of his own. Lawler reaches out for his mom, who is worried, as Bret stays in control. Lawler regains control and heads up top but Bret punches him in midair. Bret drops Lawler with a back elbow smash then fires away with mounted punches on the mat. Shinja runs out and distracts the ref then trips him up as the ref’s foot is stuck in the ropes. Bret hits a flying elbow drop but Hakushi runs out and attacks Bret from the top rope. He goes back up as the ref is still caught in the ropes and hits a flying headbutt then does it again. The ref finally rolls back into the ring and Lawler uses a jackknife cover for the win (5:02) *1/2. Lawler holds up Bret after the match but Hakushi accidentally clotheslines Lawler. Bret sends Hakushi outside then beats on Shinja as Lawler flees with his mom.

Thoughts: Some of the action here was the same we saw on the Providence and Boston house shows just a few days prior. However, this match was not as good but was designed to set up for another Bret/Lawler match. According to Bret in his book, Vince came up to him backstage to say his two matches saved this show.


Sid tells Diesel that like the last grain in the hourglass, time has run out. Sid then tells us he will be crowned the champion and Diesel a victim and symbol of one of his many victories. He then tells Diesel he will have to meet the master and ruler of the world and no one can help him. Sid’s soft tone here made the promo.


We then go to Pettengill & Wiand to select the winner of the house. Pettengill calls the winner . 11 year old Matthew Pomposelli from Henderson, NV, and then a fireworks display goes off. If you want to find out what happened to the house and the winner, check out the interview with him from WWE.com back in 2012 here


The announcers talk about the title match and how Diesel can overcome Sid.


WWF World Title Match: Sid w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Diesel (c)

We get a staredown to start with Diesel even mocking Sid’s eye blinking. Diesel shoves down Sid then fires away in the corner. He hits a pair of corner clotheslines then continues to hammer away. Sid rolls outside and DiBiase jumps up on the apron and gets threatened by the champ. Diesel hits Sid with an ax handle from the apron then goes back inside and drops him with a flying clothesline that only gets a one count. Sid bails again but this time drags Diesel outside. Diesel wins a slug fest and rolls Sid back inside and gets the fans behind him. DiBiase distracts Diesel and that allows Sid to hit a high knee that knocks Diesel through the ropes. Sid drops Diesel on the apron and then kicks him in the ribs a few times. Sid then hits a running kick to Diesel’s face and heads inside to taunt the crowd. Sid rolls Diesel back into the ring and slowly beats him down. Diesel charges in the corner and gets elbowed then Sid clotheslines him down before taunting the crowd from the middle rope. Sid continues to target the back as DiBiase is throwing his arms around to encourage Sid to beat down Diesel as he believes the title will come to The Corporation. Sid now puts on the camel’s clutch as the crowd gets behind Diesel. Sid methodically stays in control and puts Diesel back into the camel’s clutch. Diesel pumps up as DiBiase is pissed and Sid makes a great facial expression. Sid tries a thrust but Diesel moved out of the way. Sid immediately cuts off a comeback with a choke slam then hits the powerbomb but elects to mock the crowd instead of covering Diesel. Sid finally covers as Dok acts as if its over but Diesel kicks out and Sid is shocked. Diesel pulls himself up in the corner then avoids a corner attack. Diesel catches Sid with a big boot then hits the powerbomb but Tatanka runs in for the attack and the DQ (11:30) *. Tatanka & DiBiase stomp Diesel then Sid sets up for the powerbomb but Bigelow runs in for the save and clears the ring. The Corporation leaves as Diesel’s music plays. We see a sign that reads “Shawn Michaels’ Revenge is Diesel Powered” while says the next PPV is King of the Ring on June 25th.

Thoughts: Longer but worse than their house show match in Boston the day prior. Sid’s offense was bad and he did a lot whole of stalling and taunting throughout the match to make up for his lousy work. They hyped this match up well enough but it certainly did not deliver. They also telegraphed Bigelow running in to save Diesel throughout the week on TV and we can now build up to another match between Sid and Diesel.


Final Thoughts: The show itself I thought was well paced for the first 45 minutes or so but afterwards it went downhill. The world title match was poor and the show did drag near the end. There was also a rumor that Kato Kaelin was going to appear in a skit so lord knows how that would have played out here. For the first effort, the show was okay but other than Bret/Hakushi and historical purposes there is not much else to see.