angle cena

Thanks for answering my email! Loving the discussion in the comments . . . 

Everyone knows that Kurt Angle deserved better than a retirement match against Barin Corbin. If you could rebook that wrestlemania, who would you have put Angle against, and how might you imagine sending Angle off at the conclusion? I can't help but think a match with Cena would've been best – have them put on as good of a match as they can considering Angle's physical limitations, ending with a Cena win. 

Afterwards, have the two remain in the ring and have the theme music run through Cena's music but then transition into Angle's music. All the fans singing rhythmically “You Suck!” . . . have Cena call for the mic, Angle and Cena have a tentative staredown, a hug, and Cena says some things on the mic to send Angle off, ending with “And one last thing – you never sucked”

Yeah, Angle v Cena would have been a really good way to go with it and now I really wish they had done it.  There’s also that synergy with the start of Cena’s WWE run against Kurt and all.