Wrestling as a TV Show


When it comes to wrestling TV, it feels like there's an established format and style that all promotions seem to follow. Interview segments, matches, promos, promoting live shows and merchandise, etc. There are stylistic differences and production differences, but overall the “format” feels the same. I'd imagine they took a lot from regular sports and boxing presentations but i truly have no idea.

Two questions: 

1. Who invented the modern wrestling TV show format? 
2. Is there an ideal one-hour wrestling TV show format? Would you start with a match or an interview? How many matches would you book in an hour? 
If you go back and watch WWWF All Star Wrestling from the early 70s on the Network, it's very recognizably a pro wrestling TV show, so it was invented long before.  I think that the producers of the Dumont Network shows from the 50s can be credited, which is amazing since wrestling has been a staple of TV right from the invention of the medium.  
As for the “ideal”, it's whatever people like to watch. I'm fond of a big angle to start with a bang, and whichever of a match or interview is best suited to serve the specific one being done.  Three matches in an hour is perfect.