is curt hennig the greatest wrestler with the fewest great matches?

Hi Scott,

I'm a big Curt Hennig fan – as you know, he's often considered as one of the greatest performers and most skilled wrestlers of all-time. And yet, is it fair to say that Hennig is, paradoxically, the best wrestler with the fewest amount of great singles matches (3.5 stars or higher)? Aside from one match with Bockwinkel, one with Santana, several with Hart, one with flair, and one with Benoit, I struggle to find the sort of extended lineup of great Hennig singles matches that I can find of (arguably?) comparable great wrestlers like Angle, Benoit, Jericho, Guerrero, etc. Undoubtedly some problem was Hennig's back injury, and yet he was fantastic in his return tag match at survivor series 92, and king of the ring 93. I would have loved to have seen some singles matches against other talented guys wrestling in WWF during Hennig's years in WWF – Jake Roberts, Randy Savage, Rick Rude, Razor Ramon, Ted DiBiase, Rick Martel, etc. Of course, many of those guys were heels, so that was an impediment to him wrestling them. Perhaps part of Hennig's legacy is not only the great matches he had, but also the fact that he was able to take guys like Bossman, Beefcake, etc. and carry them to decent matches. Nonetheless, regardless of the circumstances, what do you think? – if we can imagine such a category, is Curt Hennig indeed the greatest wrestler with perhaps the fewest great singles matches?
I of course love Curt Hennig but injuries, drugs and not giving a shit combined to really hurt his output in his prime years.  Also I'd have to call Ted Dibiase the greatest guy with the least great matches, because he was so constantly focused on doing his job and getting the feud or the opponent ever and was seemingly never concerned with being “great” in the ring.  Even though you could tell he was.