Feud for Thought

Hello Scott


1) Ideally, how long in your opinion should a feud last, assuming it’s done


2) Are there any feuds you can think of that started out good but went on
way too long and wore out their welcome?


3) Similarly, are there any feuds that were good but ended far too quickly?
(Barring those that ended because of outside circumstances, like

1.  Three months tops.  One match with a non-conclusive ending to start, then two escalating gimmick matches to blow it off.  Even then, two months is fine for lower card stuff.

2.  Tommy Rich v. Buzz Sawyer is the classic example.  Most everything with Bray Wyatt feels that way.  I'd call the Seth Rollins v. Rey Mysterio feud worn out at the moment too.  

3.  AEW has this problem, I find.  Cody v. MJF never got a resolution after their first match.  Ditto Cody v. Lance Archer.  AEW is fond of doing one-and-done stuff and then moving on but sometimes you've GOTTA milk it a little bit!