AEWs Stale Formula?

What's up Scott, big AEW fan as its all I watch now but I have a question. Should AEW switch up the Dynamite formula some with all the 6 man/8 man\10 man tag matches? I really enjoyed the ones in the earlier Dynamite episodes but its becoming repetitive for me. It's like every Wednesday creative just goes “well shit we still got 6 guys not on the show, hey let's throw them in a 6 man!” I enjoy it when it's built well and made into a huge match like the Inner Circle vs The Elite match a few months back but not when its a random assortment of like Butcher/Blade/Luchas/Kip Sabian vs Best Friends/Jurrasic Express. There's atleast one of these every episode.

You get a bunch of people on the show who might not otherwise get TV time and great matches.  What’s the problem?