Daily News Update – August 23, 2020

Well last night was a lot of crazy wrestling and a lot of fun.  I have no idea if I can actually watch Summerslam for four hours of strobe lights and camera cuts, though.  This’ll probably the rare time when I’m begging for a cinematic wrestling match.

NXT UK to return with new episodes in September


Gosh, I bet Tommy will be excited to finally have something new to review, although I’m pretty sure he’s the only one watching the show at this point anyway.

Mauro Ranallo was in Canada with family and missed Takeover


Actually Corey Graves did a pretty decent job I thought.

Vince McMahon jumped off the platform to show Gronk how it was done

I mean, if Vince McMahon told you to jump off a bridge…

And hey, if you haven’t seen this yet…