Saturday Night Takeover v. Dynamite Thread!


NXT Takeover XXX is airing as we speak, and later on it’s AEW Dynamite at the conclusion of the basketballs.  Here in Canada TSN is delaying Dynamite by an hour anyway so there’s no overlap in the shows up here.  And yeah, I’m gonna take a crack at getting them both done tonight.

Smackdown’s ratings were up a bit for the Thunderdome, but dropped throughout the episode, so perhaps others were like myself and suffered headaches by the half-hour point.

I’ve playing Avengers Beta this afternoon and it’s pretty fun.  Not really super into the whole multiplayer thing because I hate people, but smashing stuff as the Hulk is good.  Doubt I’m dropping $80 Canadian on launch when Tony Hawk is RIGHT THERE at the same time, though.

DC dropped a shitload of trailers today, assuming movies ever play in theaters again.  Oh that’s right, we’ll just get them all up here and America can wait for VOD a year later!  I’ll try not to send too many spoilers out.

Have a great night.