I hate to admit this…

I know this is whacky, but I don't miss the live audience. I don't miss the obnoxious fans and their overplayed chants. I don't miss ignoring the matches for the sake of playing with beach balls. I don't miss seeing the same 40 people front row at WWE shows looking like they're held hostage in-between the forced chants. Sure, big debuts I miss the big pop, especially if it's deserved, but other than that… yeah, studio wrestling is way better when I sit and think about it. The light clamoring of the other wrestlers makes up for it. I know the real world of entertainment needs a live, paying audience, but personally, it doesn't bother me any more.
I think it'll help with the obnoxious stuff when they are allowed to return, because people won't be so bored of the live aspect of the product anymore.  But yeah, ultimately the fan problems are caused by the problems with the product and things will get bad again.  

I am REALLY excited for AEW to actually get some fans next week, though.  Those are some people who are gonna be READY to react loudly and I bet the AEW crew is gonna kill themselves to make sure of it.