Bob Backlund

I know you’ve stated in the past that you weren’t a big fan of Backlund, but what was the actual plan for bringing him back in 1992?

Looking at his matches upon his return, he wrestled much less aggressively than he did during his initial run. To tell the truth, the notion of him being “bland” and “boring” must stem from his return, and his final year as champion; I’ve been watching his matches on YouTube and I was amazed at how often they ended up being a bloody brawl, or at the very least physically brutal . I mean, he got a great match out of Dusty Rhodes, and he often showed off how strong he was by dead lifting people you’d never expect (like Hogan). Yet in 1992, he acted goofy, never took bumps, and wrestled the same match no matter his opponent (including Papa Shango, which led to a weird visual of Shango mat wrestling ). Even stopped using the chicken wing and used a roll up as his finish.

So what’s the deal with that? Brought him back and took away anything that could’ve got him over, then turned him heel brilliantly…then turned him into a comedy heel.

Was this the plan all along?

Thanks in advance for response…interested in what the blog says.

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I think the “plan” is pretty much what we saw.  Bob doing a nostalgia act as a bland midcard babyface and then unexpectedly catching fire with the crazy old man gimmick.