Impact Wrestling – August 18, 2020

Impact Wrestling
Date: August 18, 2020
Location: Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Madison Rayne, Josh Matthews

It’s time for the next big special show and this one is going on for two weeks. The show is called Emergence, which seems like they came up with the name by looking at shows on network TV which has nothing to do with wrestling. This week’s big match is the Good Brothers vs. Ace Austin/Madman Fulton, which doesn’t seem to have the most drama. Let’s get to it.

The opening video suggests a new beginning for everything and runs down the bigger matches.

Opening sequence.

X-Division Title: Rohit Raju vs. TJP vs. Chris Bey

Bey is defending and has Raju in his back pocket so Fallah Bahh is here with TJP to even things up a bit. TJP dives onto both of them to start fast with only Raju joining him inside. A headscissors sends Raju outside so Bey takes his place to send TJP to the apron. Bey hits a springboard elbow to the back and it’s Raju coming in again to start the double teaming. TJP counters a whip to the apron and gets the leglock on Bey and the Octopus on Raju at the same time.

Raju escapes so TJP suplexes him for two without letting go of Bey. TJP has to fight out of another double team, this time grabbing the Gory Stretch/Billy Goat’s Curse combination. With that rather complex hold broken up, Raju jumps TJP from behind and the double teaming is on again. TJP ducks a shot so Bey knocks Raju to the floor and walks into a Tombstone. Raju is back up so TJP has to cut him off on top and grabs a superplex. The Octopus has Bey in trouble and he puts the same thing on Raju at the same time (ok we get the point).

A suplex drops Raju and they’re all down for a second. Raju is sent outside again so Bey kicks TJP in the face a few times. An over the shoulder backbreaker spun into a DDT gets two on TJP but he’s right back with the double chickenwing gutbuster. Raju makes the save so TJP grabs an armbar on Bey, with Raju blocking the tap. Bey gets caught in the ropes, with TJP going up after him. That’s broken up by Raju, with Bey falling into the Tree of Woe. Raju shoves TJP down…. hits the Alberto double stomp on Bey for the pin and the title at 10:47.

Rating: B-. I like the ending as it was the first time that Raju has shown…well anything of note in his time in Impact. It makes sense and sends them to a few different options in the future, including TJP getting another shot. Bey will be fine and can get back into the title hunt immediately so there isn’t much of a worry there. If nothing else, nice job on trying someone new as a star, which is certainly a good idea given all of the current situations.

And now, Wrestle House.

A puppet dog (who seems to be voiced by Father James Mitchell) and a stuffed monkey talk about Taya Valkyrie vs. Kylie Rae later tonight. The monkey agrees to cheer for Taya…and the dog leaves, revealing John E. Bravo as the voice (vs. the monkey as played by Crazzy Steve).

Steve thinks people are losing their minds from being stuck in here and he loves it.

Larry D. has cologne made of ring rust and Acey Romero doesn’t like his changes. Oh and it’s LAWRENCE D. now.

The Good Brothers say Ace Austin and Madman Fulton have their attention. They’ve lit a fire in them and tonight, they can thank the Brothers for making them famous.

Here’s what to expect on the show.

TNA World Title: Moose vs. Trey Miguel

Trey is challenging after Moose thought he was Suicide last week. After the Big Match Intros, Trey tries the chops and is knocked down in a hurry. We take a break thirty seconds in (erg) and come back with Moose hitting a running uppercut in the corner. Trey tries a very springboardy wristdrag but gets stopped with straight power. A dropkick puts Trey on the floor and Moose drops him face first onto the apron.

Back in and Moose sends him flying with a toss into the corner and there’s a fall away slam into a nipup. Moose grabs the ear and throws Trey down again. Trey can barely even breathe but manages some chops, only to be run over with a hard shoulder. A rip at the face has Trey in even more trouble, allowing Moose to shout that this was supposed to be Suicide.

Trey gets in a superkick and a dropkick to the back puts Moose down for the first time. Moose pops up and tries a delayed suplex but Trey reverses into a DDT. That’s enough to send Moose outside, where he catches the flip dive and swings Trey into the barricade. A powerbomb onto the apron gives Moose a nine count but the spear (now called Lights Out) finishes Trey to retain at 12:15.

Rating: C+. Good stuff here, but at some point Trey has to actually win something. He keeps getting these big singles matches and loses all of them. It’s fine to put him out there because he’s good enough to make it work, but he never even won the X-Division title. Granted maybe that’s just me being a big Rascalz fan and wanting them to win SOMETHING but it is eventually going to take away any hope of seeing him win.

Post match EC3 runs out and drops Moose with a reverse DDT. EC3 steals the title to crank things up.

Reno Scum gives Hernandez his money back and he gives them their cut. He has more work for them later so come see him again.

Eric Young talks about how he’s done everything around here and this is his purest form. He won’t be pushed aside or swept under the rug. It takes more than two years of non-existence to get rid of him. Not another “WWE didn’t use me right so let me show you what I can do!” character.

Flashback Moment of the Week: Eric Young b. Kurt Angle in a stretcher match from Impact, May 11, 2015. That was around the time when I never needed to see Young again so thanks for that people.

Willie Mack isn’t cool with Eric Young retiring Rich Swann. Brian Myers comes in and steals interviewer Jimmy Jacobs for his own sitdown interview. Myers is sick of being told he’s just a good hand and having his career in the hands of a seventy year old man who sits in on production meetings. Mack, not happy with having his interview stolen, jumps Myers and the camera falls down. As I said a minute ago: Not another “WWE didn’t use me right so let me show you what I can do!” character.

Heath doesn’t like Joe Biden picking his running mate on a Tuesday because that’s Impact Wrestling day. Now let’s get Heath4Impact trending so he can help Rhino. He needs some more time to fill in his promo so he reminds us that he does still have kids. At least this and EC3’s “we’re not in the bad WWE anymore” characters are being done a little better. Or at least differently.

Good Brothers vs. Ace Austin/Madman Fulton

Anderson elbows Austin in the head to start and fights out of the corner without much effort. Gallows comes in and drives an elbow in Austin’s face in the corner before handing it right back to Anderson. This time Austin drags him over for the tag to Fulton and the choking is on in a hurry. A corner dropkick gives Austin two so Anderson drags him over for the tag back to Gallows.

It’s off to Fulton as well and we get the monster showdown. They slug it out with Gallows getting the better of it (of course) until Fulton brings Austin in again. A single right hand puts Austin into the corner for the flying kick from Anderson. Fulton offers a distraction though and Anderson gets hit in the back of the head to put him in trouble for a change. Fulton suplexes Anderson onto Austin’s raised knees and we hit the armbar. That’s not enough for Austin as he cuts the fingers with the card, which is a good signature move.

What isn’t the best signature is the suplex onto the raised knees as Fulton does it again, but the third attempt is escaped so Gallows can come back in. House is cleaned and Fulton is sent outside. He’s back in to save Austin from the Magic Killer though, plus to pull Gallows outside for a posting. Austin sits on the top so Fulton can send Anderson face first into the knees (they REALLY like that idea). Fulton pulls Gallows off the apron but gets sent over the barricade. That’s enough for the hot tag to Gallows and the Magic Killer finishes Austin at 10:47.

Rating: C. This was your get to know you win for the Brothers, who haven’t had the big win yet. That being said, it might be better to keep them out of the ring except for more important matches as they lose a lot of their star power once they’re done talking. They’re good in the ring, but you can only get so much out of a team who is obsessed with sending people onto Austin’s knees for some reason. It’s a fine match, but who are the Brothers supposed to face in big matches?

The Deaners’ beer has been stolen and it’s time for a whodunit. Johnny Swinger insists that he is straightedge….before admitting that he’s just on probation. Acey comes up to go into the refrigerator so the Deaners accuse him. A fight is imminent but Susie reminds them of their truth. Rosemary hits on Lawrence, much to Bravo’s dismay. Jake and Susie still seem to appreciate each other.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Kylie Rae

Rosemary is referee. Kylie offers a friendly handshake but gets shoved down instead. Taya gets taken down and Kylie is rather pleased, only to get sent into the corner. The threat of a superkick sends Taya into the corner but she comes back with a kick to the head of her own. Kylie is sent into the corner again and Taya even bites her finger a bit.

Choking ensues on the ropes and Taya mocks her for being #1 contender. Kylie is right back with an armdrag into a low superkick for two but Taya suplexes her down for the same. The kickout has Taya screaming but she almost runs into Rosemary. Kylie hits the superkick for the pin at 4:49.

Rating: C-. I think we’ve established that Rae is the better of the two here but there isn’t much else that they can do with this setup. The idea still works on its own but there does come a point where they need to be back in the arena for actual matches. I’m sure they’ll have some way to get them out of this, though I’m just not sure how long it is going to take.

Post match Rosemary tells Lawrence she’ll see him next week. Lawrence tells Acey he can borrow some ring rust. Steve says that he’s blind but even he can see that Bravo is blowing it. The Deaners still want their beer back.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

Tag Team Titles: The North vs. Motor City Machine Guns

The Guns are defending in the North’s rematch after losing the titles a few weeks back. Josh Alexander and Chris Sabin start things off with the former running him over without much effort. Sabin is right back up with shots to the head and avoids Ethan Page’s cheap shot from the apron. Everything breaks down though and Page hits a tilt-a-whirl faceplant on Sabin.

We settle down to Sabin getting sent face first into the corner and punched in the face by Page. Sabin fights out of some double teaming though and brings in Alex Shelley to clean house. Shelley dropkicks Alexander’s knee and Sabin kicks him into a DDT so the champs are dominating as we take a break.

Back with Shelley kicking Alexander down again and grabbing a half crab to stay on the leg. Alexander kicks him away though and Page gets in a heck of a right hand from the floor. It’s back to Page for some knees between the shoulders as Shelley is in trouble for a change. Now it’s Alexander’s chance to crank on the leg but they can’t get the hand off suplex as Shelley knees his way to freedom.

Shelley sends Alexander to the apron so Sabin can drop him face first. Sabin comes in off the hot tag and kicks Alexander from the apron, followed by a springboard missile dropkick to Page. Everything breaks down and it’s another missile dropkick into a Downward Spiral to plant Page again. The assisted double Sliced Bread gets two on Page but Alexander breaks up the ASCS Rush so Page can get a rather cocky two.

Sabin rolls Page up for two with Alexander not being able to make the save in a callback to how they won the titles. Everyone is down until Page superkicks Shelley, only to have Sabin come in with the tornado DDT to Page. The Dream Sequence puts Alexander on the floor and it’s the Skull and Bones to finish Page at 17:11.

Rating: B. Another good match between two good teams here and that is hardly a surprise. I’m not sure where the North goes from here other than either splitting up or facing the Good Brothers in a match that would take some work to set up. The Guns are going to need someone to face too and right now, the tag division isn’t all that deep, at least not in the way things have been put together as of late. Then again the Rascalz vs. the Guns has me rather interested so that would work just fine.

Overall Rating: B-. As usual, Impact is better when they have something more down to earth going on, which is where Wrestle House held it back a bit. They can’t exactly make this feel like an important show with the usual shenanigans going on, but at the same time I’m assuming the Wrestle House stuff exists so their in-arena material can last that much longer. Anyway, pretty good show, but not a great one.


Rohit Raju b. Chris Bey and TJP – Top rope double stomp to Bey

Moose b. Trey Miguel – Lights Out

Good Brothers b. Ace Austin/Madman Fulton – Magic Killer to Austin

Kylie Rae b. Taya Valkyrie – Superkick

Motor City Machine Guns b. The North – Skull and Bones to Page



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