Friday Night Party Thread: August 21, 2020


And thank the WORLD we made it.  Today’s been a stupid day from the time I arrived at work to even before I got home.  (Short answer: apparently COVID is a liberal.)  But hey, I got my steaks and I got a college football oldie lined up, plus getting to discuss good tunes makes me happy.  (Especially show tunes.  You all mentioned some great ones in the last thread.)

Tomorrow!  Dynamite and NXT TakeOver!  Sunday!  Something else!

So I’m seeing ads for “Utopia” on Amazon and… so we have a pandemic, nerds saving the world, national conspiracy theories, and homemade weaponry.  BE MORE 2020, guys.  (I know, it’s from 2013 in Britain.  Work with me.)

Anyway… I also watched part 1 of All Out last night.  Apart from realizing Jimmy Havoc is stupid and crazy, the main thing that stood out is just how… over the top Kenny Omega is.  Y’all weren’t kidding when you called him Kenny Jazz Hands.  Plus, Joey Janela may be an okay (by national promotion standards) wrestler, but some of the things he comes up with as spots are great (the monkey flip to a perfect landing on the chair was great).

The part that really stuck out was Evil Uno.  He looks like a different person now!  The mask he wore that day was not good; he was about 30 pounds heavier; and going shirtless instead of in a singlet accentuated how bad it was.  He just seemed like a low-level indy wrestler, whereas now he has a presence and is a star in the tag division.


All right folks, we’ve been over the rules in the back.  Obey the mod’s instructions at all times.  I want a good clean thread.  Now touch gloves, go to your keyboards, and start posting!

(But first… here it is, your Moment of Zen.)

Enjoy the weekend!