Daily News Update – August 21, 2020

Ugh, I just couldn’t with NXT last night.  I don’t know, the Velveteen Dream thing is kind of rubbing me the wrong way and I haven’t been feeling the last couple of episodes I’ve reviewed, so I did the Saturday Morning Showdown instead.  We’ll give it another shot next week.

I’m definitely gonna try Smackdown tonight though.

To the news!  This is written before Tommy normally sends me the headlines, so it’s just good ol’ Dave Meltzer providing them this time.

NXT Ratings Go Up With No AEW Competition


I know, don’t burn yourself on that scorching hot news.

NXT To Move To Tuesday For NHL Playoff Game in September


Balor v. Thatcher Added to Takeover XXX


Well that’s, uh, certainly a match.

I dunno, is anyone, like, super-excited for Takeover tomorrow?  I’m sure it’ll be good, but stuff like Io Shirai v. Dakota Kai sticks out like a sore thumb there.