What’s next for NXT?

Hey Scott

The one thing NXT has always been good at has been evolving. But with only a finite number of indie talents to raid and AEW a genuine alternative where do they go from here?

The past couple of Takeovers haven't had that same level of anticipation as previous, and surely guys like Gargano and the Era have run their natural course? It very much seems like the developmental brand in a way it hasn't done for the past few years, which is maybe a detriment of it's own success.

So do they load up on underutilised main roster guys and girls, bring back a lot of previous NXT talent or evolve into something else?

Or am I being too harsh and we should really judge where NXT is at when crowds are allowed back in?

I dunno but this Takeover is somehow even less interesting than the last one, which was one of their worst.  I’m not into this football player feud at all and I suspect they’re just gonna go 50/50 with Lee and Kross and level off both guys.  
The problem is the USA deal, where they can’t really be “developmental” any more.  Now you need to be TV ready for the brand that used to get people ready for TV.  Plus the endless shit finishes and questionable main roster booking are slowly permeating the product.  That’s really the main thing that needs to be fixed.