Daniel Bryan’s return in 2018

It will forever baffles me how the WWE botched Bryan’s return to WWE after almost 3 years of retirement. He was the most organically over wrestler of a generation in 2013-14, and then he and WWE are given a 2nd chance to make money. Instead he’s given a tag team match with Shane as his return. Ok. Ease him back.

Then… Big Cass for TWO ppvs. Then the Miz feud going into Summer which he LOSES. And by the fall… he turns HEEL and granted has an epic with Brock, and a fantastic heel title reign before KofiMania. Now he’s kinda just a guy in the midcard and the cruelest irony is Roman Reigns isn’t even there to block his push. I think time has past for Bryan to be a top guy again, especially with he and Brie having a second child.

Do you think Bryan could’ve dominated one of the two shows as a long term babyface champ immediately upon his return in 2018. Like, as soon as Mania was over throw him in with Nakamura and Styles and let him crank out classics. He could defend against Owens, Zayn, Miz, and even one time brother in law Cena could be the big match down the line. Hell do Roman/Bryan at WrestleMania or something, or a Brock/Bryan rematch where Bryan survives and taps Brock to the heel hook!

Thinking about RAW’s dwindling ratings and how Bryan was the last star the fans truly embraced makes me sad what a wasted opportunity this second run has been.

It was a waste right from the start of his return, yeah. The Planets Champion stuff was brilliant but then got cut off immediately after losing the title, and then he turned back babyface again  and now Bryan just doesn’t seem to give a shit.  I mean, I guess we should be happy that we got another six month great run there after we thought he was retired, but it all feels like such a missed opportunity.