“You’ll Never See It Coming”

Hey Scott,

So, do you think that's just a meaningless tagline, or is it foreshadowing? I have to think that it's a reference to finding out who the leader of “Retribution” is (Ciampa? Rusev? Punk?), though it could refer to a surprising turn in the Strowman/Fiend story, an old-timer helping Orton against McIntyre, or possibly even Asuka winning both titles to set-up a return by Ronda or Charlotte.

Also, unrelated, but it'd be hilarious if after all the hype for the ThunderDome, it immediately got destroyed by “Retribution”. In canon, why wouldn't they?
I give them zero credit for foreshadowing anything at this point.  Or if they DO have continuity, it's from Twitter, or a Facebook show that .001% of their audience was watching.