What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – June 10, 1995

There is a lengthy recap of the Rock N’ Roll Express-Dynamic Duo feud, as the first thirty minutes of the show revisits past promos and matches between the two teams.

A replay of the promos to hype the Gangstas-PG-13-THUGS triple threat this week in Knoxville airs.

After replaying Jim Cornette’s heel turn on Bob Armstrong at Volunteer Slam, Armstrong cuts a promo with his son Steve.  Bob admits that he was a sucker for Cornette but notes that his four sons can get revenge for him.  Steve stumbles through a promo where he threatens to kill Cornette after he beats Buddy Landel..

SMW Champion Landel, Cornette, and the Punisher put over how Landel’s title is not going anywhere because the Punisher has his back.  Cornette puts over a handicap match Landel and Cornette are having with Steve in Knoxville.

SMW Tag Team Champions the Dynamic Duo buy time on the program to tell fans that the Rock N’ Roll Express have received their last title shot.  Al Snow says that someone recently stole something special out of his bag in the locker room.  He says that the Duo know who took it and the guilty person better return it for all hell is going to break loose.

The Last Word:  Al Snow’s promo at the end gives a hook for next week’s show, which will finally feature some new matches since the company is going to do its next television taping in Sevierville, Tennessee on June 12.  The promotion needs some new talent as a lot of its matchups are growing stale.

SMW ran shows in West Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee during this week of its history.  Here are the results of those shows courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Richwood, West Virginia – Richwood Junior High School – June 8, 1995 (Attendance Unknown):  Boo Bradley pinned Killer Kyle…The Dirty White Boy beat SMW Champion Buddy Landel via disqualification…Robert Gibson & the Dirty White Boy beat SMW Tag Team Champions the Dynamic Duo in a non-title match…The Dirty White Boy won a battle royal.

Lenoir, North Carolina – Mulberry Street Rec Center – June 9, 1995 (500):  Bobby Blayze pinned Mustafa…Boo Bradley pinned Killer Kyle in a Jersey Dog Fight match…SMW Champion Buddy Landel beat Steve Armstrong via disqualification…The Dirty White Boy beat New Jack in a chain match…The Rock N’ Roll Express beat SMW Tag Team Champions the Dynamic Duo in a non-title match.

Johnson City, Tennessee – Freedom Hall – June 10, 1995 (400):  D’Lo Brown pinned Bobby Blayze…Boo Bradley beat Killer Kyle in a Jersey Dog Fight match…SMW Champion Buddy Landel pinned Steve Armstrong in a no disqualification match…The THUGS beat New Jack & D’Lo Brown in a stretcher match…The Rock N’ Roll Express beat SMW Tag Team Champions the Dynamic Duo in a non-title match when Ricky Morton pinned Al Snow.

Backstage News*:        New talents that will be debuting on Smoky Mountain TV in the coming weeks include the Headbangers, a tag team composed of Chaz Warrington and Glen Ruth who wrestled as the Spiders in Ozark Mountain; Terry Gordy; Brad Armstrong; and Tommy Rich.  Rich and Gory will be booked as heels and will join Jim Cornette’s Militia faction.

*The promotion has had to grapple with no shows recently as Mustafa no-showed in Johnson City on June 10 and Bobby Blayze, the reigning Beat the Champ Television Champion, no-showed the television tapings on June 12.

*Whether because of that or not, the promotion has abandoned any promotion of the Television Championship.  In talent relations news, the Gangstas have given notice and their last match in the promotion will take place on June 16 in Knoxville.  They are heading to ECW.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for June 19.

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