Vince’s Success Rate

Hey Scott.


I was reading some stuff about 2006 and how Vince had to be talked into letting Rey Mysterio win the world title. We all know how that went, but it had me wondering: if you were to figure out Vince’s batting average, what would that number be?


To figure it out, you’d have to consider….


Vince has an idea, executes it, and it’s a home run with the fans

Vince has a suggestion from someone, or has people talking him into something (like Rey in 06)and he either pulls it off or lets it fizzle

Vince has an idea, executes it, and sit sucks (like 1995)


Is the guy close to .500?

Nowhere near.  The last two decades alone have destroyed his average.  But the previous decades were enough to pay off in the loyalist hardcore fan base that he can exploit forever and billion dollar TV deals.  Man, can you imagine if baseball owners started just handing out giant multi million dollar deals past on past glory and then whined about losing money?  

That would just be wacky.