Monday Nitro Extra! Benoit vs. Hennig

Here’s a little addition to Scott’s Nitro review, with the “deleted scene”.

Chris Benoit vs. Curt Hennig

Hennig stops to chat with someone in the front row on the way down, so Benoit comes down and kicks his leg out from under him so he can do his flip bump, and then chops and punches him into the ring, including a nasty bump where Hennig flies back and hits his head accidentally on the steps. Knee to the gut inside the ring, then a suplex onto the ropes that goes wrong (should have landed on his belly, but landed on his knees on the ropes and flopped forward). Hennig is knocked off the apron onto the railings. Back in for more punishment, although Benoit gets caught going up the ropes and dragon screw legwhipped off, followed by a Hennig shinbreaker. Posting of the leg and brawl on the floor going to a break.

Back from the break and back in as Benoit fights back. Tony talks up being into overtime and past ten. Kneelift puts Benoit down and Hennig takes the padding off the turnbuckle, but whipped into it sternum first himself. German suplex, a second blocked. Chop sends Hennig flipping. Benoit misses a charge into that exposed corner, and Hennigplex finishes. Belt to the head after the match and the nWo B-Team run in, but Ric Flair runs in and takes everyone out while Hennig scarpers. Doug Dellinger takes a spill trying to hold Flair back. Flair runs Hennig out of the building.

Well, there you go!