Savage at WM 9

I know you’ve probably covered this, but why didn’t Macho Man wrestle again WrestleMania 9? He was WWF Champ in August 92, main evented Survivor Series in November 92 and was last eliminated by Yoko in the 93 Rumble.

He could’ve had a good match with Razor Ramon (an extension of the Survivor Series main) and put Razor over strong, or even tagged with Perfect again against Luger/Ramon with Heenan managing the heels?

I know Vince thought he was done but with Flair/Warrior out, Jannetty flunking out of Mania match with HBK, and Hogan rushed back for a midcard Tag Title match, wouldn’t Vince have seen money in having a big name former champ in Macho have a big WM match???

He was apparently the only one who didn’t, but his was the opinion that counted.