Fandango redux?


This may be a highly irrelevant issue, but how did Vince get away with Fandango as a character name considering that name was already an online ticket service?

Considering WWE’s high focus on copyrights and trademarks, how did they not know the name was already taken? Was there a loophole because they were using it for sports entertainment rather than an entertainment ticket service?

That's not a loophole at all.  The whole point of the system is to prevent confusion within the marketplace, and Fandango the wrestler has nothing to do with movie ticketing and thus there would be no reason to worry about the name.  Now if Fandango the wrestler decided to start his own movie ticketing service and called it “Fandango's Movie Ticketing Service”, then THAT'S confusing the marketplace.  But if you're a business you don't just get to own a word in every facet of life and sue anyone who dares to use it.  Unless you're Monster Cable.