WWF Providence Civic Center – May 12th, 1995

May 12, 1995

This is fan-cam copy of the show so there is not any commentary.


Kwang vs. Man Mountain Rock

Rock had fireworks shoot from the turnbuckles during his entrance and also some boos from the crowd. We get more booing as these two stall for a bit until a clean break in the corner. They go to the corner again and Kwang mockingly slaps Rock in the face. Both men fight over a wrist lock as Kwang shoves Rock down then retreats to the corner. Back to the corner yet again and Kwang hammers away after a cheap shot. Rock takes Kwang down with a shoulder block and Kwang rolls out for a breather. Rock counts along with the ref and the crowd responds with Kwang just beating the ten count back inside of the ring. Kwang elbows Rock and follows with a turnbuckle smash. Kwang chokes out Rock in the corner as a scattering of boring chants can be heard. Rock fights back and drops an elbow for two as Kwang had his foot on the ropes. Rock gets kicked in the face trying a back drop but Kwang tries a slam but Rock falls on top for a two count. Rock now lands some punches in the corner but misses an avalanche. Kwang then tries for a suplex but Rock takes him down and puts on the Whammy Bar for the win (5:10) DUD.

Thoughts: God this was awful. These two did not do a damn thing or wrestle with any sort of conviction. Just stalling from Kwang and zero effort from Rock made this a terrible choice to open the show.


Jerry Lawler now comes down to the ring and interviewed. The interviewer (maybe Barry Didinsky?) talks about Lawler facing Bret Hart tonight with the loser kissing the feet of the winner. Lawler makes fun of the interviewer’s attire then tells the crowd they are fortunate to witness a historical night when he proves to the entire world that he is the true king of the WWF. Lawler then calls out Bret for being a coward and shaking and sweating backstage due to the fact he is scared to death. Lawler points out the spot in the ring where he will beat pin Bret to win the match then will put on his robe and have Bret kiss his feet. Lawler says he has not washed his feet in three weeks to prepare for this match and insults the crowd some more before leaving. The kiss my foot stipulation has never been brought up on TV at this point (and I believe this was the first-ever) so we get to see it here first as part of a dry run. Lawler got decent heel heat here and the promo itself was solid.


Jacob & Eli Blu w/ Uncle Zebekiah vs. The Bushwhackers

Some cheers here for The Bushwhackers at least. More than Man Mountain Rock anyway. Before the match, Uncle Zebekiah threatens the crowd to stop booing or else he’ll make Jacob & Eli hop over the barricade and slap each and everyone of them. Luke starts off for his team and I believe its Eli for his team. Eli stomps away but misses a punch and Luke fires away then the match breaks down with The Bushwhackers clearing the ring then marching around. Jacob & Eli regroup with Uncle Zebekiah before getting back to the match. Eli heads back in and beats on Luke for a while. Eli misses a charge then trips over Butch and gets rolled up but the ref was distracted by Butch and only counts to one. Jacob attacks Luke from behind as the ref goes back to yelling at Butch. Jacob & Eli neutralize Luke in the corner as the ref continues to yell at Butch . The ref continues to yell at Butch as Jacob & Eli take full advantage. The person behind the camera sarcastically tells his buddy about the great match he missed and how Man Mountain Rock did nothing, Kwang did less, and Rock won with the armbar. Luke continues to get beat down as Jacob & Eli exclusively use punches, kicks, and chokes. Eli misses a flying elbow drop then Butch tags in and clotheslines Eli to zero effect. The match breaks down as even the guys behind the camera maek fun of this match for being awful and Luke collides with Jacob on the apron and Butch falls down so Eli hits a knee drop and gets covered so the ref finally stops yelling at Luke then turns around and counts as Jacob & Eli get the win (8:11) -*.

Thoughts: Good lord this was pathetic. The match largely consisted of Luke laying on the ground and getting attacked as the ref yelled at Butch then the finish saw a collision spot with Jacob literally staring at Butch from the apron until he got it and hit was so telegraphed and poorly executed you’d have thought it was the first match for all involved.


The Roadie vs. Razor Ramon

Roadie tries for a sneak attack before the bell but Razor was aware so Roadie instead ducks outside. Roadie gets back in to beat the ten count but immediately slides right out. Roadie once again bails but this time Razor chases him around the ring only to get stomped when he returned. Roadie hammers away in the corner but Razor quickly fights back. Roadie counters with a mat slam then Roadie does some sort of bridging arm bar that I cannot make out as the ref is blocking the view then he lands mounted punches in the corner. Roadie ducks his head though and Razor stops short and hits the Razor’s Edge for the win (2:43) DUD.

Thoughts: There was nothing to this match and it had an abrupt ending. Sure does not make Roadie seem like any sort of threat heading into the PPV but I guess they were more about showing this crowd how Razor does have a chance to beat both Roadie & Jarrett.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. Bob “Spark Plug” Holly

Jarrett tries to stall but Holly grabs a side headlock and tries some stuff on the mat. Jarrett retreats to the corner after getting punched then Holly grabs another side headlock. Holly uses a backslide for a two count then works a side headlock on the mat as Jarrett tries to escape. Holly gets a small package for two then grabs yet another side headlock as the guys behind the camera joke about them discussing their next match while on the mat. Jarrett escapes and trips up Holly before dropping an elbow. Holly uses a back elbow smash for two but runs into a knee smash as the guys behind the camera talk about watching USWA, which is a lot better idea than being here for this show. Jarrett targets the neck of Holly then taunts the crowd. Jarrett now uses a chin lock and put his feet on the ropes for leverage. The crowd is restless and quite frankly who can blame them as we now see Holly come back with a rollup for two. Jarrett clotheslines Holly for a two count then excites the crowd by catching Holly in a sleeper. Holly escapes and comes back with a mat slam. Holly gets two with an elbow smash. Dropkick gets two. Holly then hits a clothesline but gets distracted by Roadie, who is now at ringside, as Jarrett attacks from behind. Jarrett keeps whipping Holly into the corner then uses mounted punches but Holly breaks that up with an inverted atomic drop. Jarrett misses an elbow smash in the corner then Holly heads up top but Jarrett ducks a flying body press then covers for the win (9:49) *. After the match, Jarrett grabs the mic and says he’s just getting warmed up then calls out Razor for a match right now. Roadie keeps Holly occupied briefly but Holly attacks Jarrett. Roadie then attacks Holly and its 2 vs. 1 until Razor comes out for the save as Jarrett & Roadie bail.

Thoughts: Bad match, even worse than their TV bouts. It was mostly laying on the mat and the finish was a pin after a missed flying body press, which does not make either guy look credible. We saw Razor run out for the save and really makes you think why they didn’t run Razor & Holly vs. Roadie & Jarrett at the PPV, especially since Holly has two recent TV matches with Jarrett and 1-2-3 Kid’s partner, but apparently they went a different way for reasons. Holly, in his shoot interviews, really has a lot of hatred for Scott Hall so maybe Hall squeezed him out of a PPV pay day.


Heavenly Bodies vs. The Headshrinkers w/ Capt. Lou Albano

Prichard and Fatu start this off. Prichard bounces off of Fatu then yells at Albano and complains to the referee. Fatu runs over Prichard again then hits a pair of clotheslines. Del Ray tags in and gyrates to the fans but turns around and gets drilled with a thrust kick courtesy of Fatu. Del Ray rolls outside for a bit then Sionne comes in and Del Ray fires away. Sionne catches Del Ray with an inverted atomic drop in a spot that almost became a disaster as it appeared Del Ray thought he was taking a back drop. Prichard knees Sionne from the apron but Sionne fights him off and slingshots Del Ray out from the corner. Prichard and Fatu are back in the match as the crowd is actually getting into this as these teams have worked harder than anyone else on the card and its not even close. Fatu works the arm as Prichard screams. Del Ray boots Fatu from the apron then Prichard uses a clothesline as Fatu even does the 360 bump. The Bodies run interference to keep Fatu neutralized. Sionne has had enough and runs in but the ref orders him back and The Bodies keep Fatu in their corner. The Bodies now work over Fatu’s leg then Del Ray heads up top to use a leg drop on the legs but misses as both men are down. Fatu rolls around and eventually makes it to his corner for the tag as Sionne runs wild. Sionne boots Prichard outside then slams Del Ray and tags out as Fatu climbs up top for the splash and gets the win (13:34) **.

Thoughts: Basic tag match and the crowd was into Fatu. The Bodies worked well in the match too although Sionne was pretty much useless. The retroactive love for him is odd since he was pretty much never over during his WWF run. He fit in better after this in WCW, IMO. The Bodies are clearly the bottom of the heel tag team totem pole though so Headshrinkers winning was never in doubt.


Kiss My Foot Match: Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

Before the match, Lawler tells the crowd he is going to make Bret kiss his feet. After the bell, Lawler heads out and grabs the mic to say they really do not even need a ref as its between the two of them. He heads into the ring and Bret fires away in the corner. Lawler crawls as fast as he can across of the ring but Bret beats him down some more. Lawler runs up the aisle now but Bret brings him back to ringside. Bret runs Lawler’s face across of the top rope then fires away . Lawler rolls out after getting hit with an elbow smash and Bret heads out and stops Lawler from hopping the guardrail. Bret rolls Lawler back inside and chokes him out in the corner until Lawler rakes his eyes. Lawler regroups then takes something from his trunks and uses it to hit Bret in the throat. Lawler puts the gimmick back into his tights and gets questioned by the referee. Lawler jabs Bret then taunts the crowd before using a turnbuckle smash. Lawler chokes Bret out with his foot as the crowd gets behind Bret. Lawler has the gimmick back out and nails Bret and puts it back in his tights as the ref checks him out but does not find anything. Lawler comes off the top with a double ax handle but Bret decks him then fires away. Bret hits a bulldog but Lawler shoves him off and Bret collides with the ref. Lawler snapmares Bret and tries to use his gimmick but misses the fist drop. Bret hits a backbreaker and flying elbow drop and attempts the sharpshooter but Hakushi runs out and stomps Bret. Shinja is in too as he directs his man as Hakushi hits a Vader Bomb in the corner. Lawler crawls over to Bret for the cover as the ref comes to and then counts the pin. After the match, someone runs out (one of the Hebner’s dressed as an agent from what I saw) and tells the ref what happened. The ring announcer then says the match must continue. Bret beats on Lawler then puts on the sharpshooter this but stops to yell at Hakushi & Shinja. Lawler tries to attack Bret from behind with his boot but Bret stops that and beats Lawler with the boot and covers for the win (9:54) **1/2. After the match, Bret takes off his boot and Lawler keeps trying to run away but gets stopped by the referee. Bret now tosses Lawler down and sticks his bare foot into Lawler’s face. Lawler freaks out then leaves as Bret’s arm is raised.

Thoughts: Easily the best thing on the show. Bret was over and Lawler had the most heel heat of anyone. The match restart stuff is happening an awful lot though recently and usually it does not enhance the match but the crowd seeing Lawler get revenge and having Bret’s foot shoved in his face did seem to get over.


Tatanka vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Bigelow did not have the entrance attire he did for TV but they had flames shoot out from the turnbuckles when he entered the ring. Tatanka attacks Bigelow from behind then hammers away in the corner. Bigelow fights back but Tatanka slams him and gets a two count. Tatanka now uses a chin lock but Bigelow escapes and hits a suplex. Bigelow clotheslines Tatanka but charges and dumps outside as Tatanka used a low-bridge. Tatanka removes the top turnbuckle as the ref was checking out Bigelow then he heads out and slams Bigelow’s head off of the stairs. Tatanka taunts the crowd then cuts off a comeback and hits a clothesline for two. Tatanka puts on another chin lock and Bigelow gets out of that and hits a clothesline for a two count. Tatanka avoids a falling headbutt and kicks Bigelow before firing away in the corner. Bigelow comes back with another clothesline as both men are down. They slug it out until Tatanka rakes the face but Bigelow reverses and sends Tatanka into the exposed steel then comes back with a powerslam and gets the win (6:47) *1/4.

Thoughts: The match did not have much flow and a bit of a mess but they at least did some stuff other than rest holds. And Bigelow was not all that over with the crowd. Although, Tatanka’s heel work has been shit since he turned. The exposed steel finish still being used is a dated concept though. Even on a house show. Bigelow wins but with the finish they can run it again around the circuit.


Sid & Kama vs. The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer & Diesel

Good reaction for Diesel. Sid runs out of the ring during Diesel’s pyro then starts yelling at the fans. Sid then keeps trying to run into the ring but Diesel knocks him off. The bell finally rings a we get Diesel and Kama to start things off. Diesel then immediately tags out and Kama bails as The Undertaker follows. Kama stomps Undertaker back in the ring but Undertaker fights back. Undertaker uses his ropewalk attack but Kama kicks him in the gut and hits a suplex. Undertaker sits up and beats on Kama but whiffs on a flying clothesline. Kama punches Undertaker in the corner then uses a slam before tagging out. Sid taunts the crowd but ducks his head and is hit with a throat thrust. Diesel now tags in and punches away. Diesel then hits a pair of corner clotheslines and Undertaker even clotheslines Sid from the apron. Sid rolls outside and Diesel brings him back in and beats him in the corner. Diesel uses a slam and Sid rolls back out but this time drags Diesel with him. Sid drops Diesel on the apron as the crowd is firmly behind Diesel. Sid looks around at the crowd before attacking Diesel’s back. And boy does Sid’s offense look like complete shit. Diesel fights back until he ducks his head for a back drop and gets kneed in the face. Sid now uses a reverse chin lock then tags out as Kama beats on Diesel in the corner. Sid tags back in and uses a double ax handle from the middle rope. Sid kicks Diesel in the ribs a few times before tossing him over the top rope. Sid even takes a shot at Undertaker that the camera did not pick up fully but Sid heads out and Undertaker follows. Everyone is now on the outside and we see Sid try to drag Diesel outside or choke him as the ref was distracted. Kama is now back in and drops a pair of elbows for two before hitting a slam. Kama tries for a Vader Bomb but Diesel moves out of the way as both men are down. Diesel pulls himself up then eventually tags out as Undertaker beats on Kama. Diesel knocks Sid outside as Sid heads up the aisle then Undertaker hits Kama with a tombstone for the win (12:56) *.

Thoughts: As a match it was poor and Sid was just the shits here but it had some heat at least. Sid walking out on Kama is something though but it protects him and sends the crowd home happy (at least in theory) with the faces winning. Diesel was over during his entrance and the crowd was into him during it as well but this crowd was also subjected to a lot of shit and not as into a main event as normal.


Final Thoughts: One decent match and the rest was largely shit, making this a show to avoid. The next time they ran in Providence it only drew 3,000 fans, a sad number to say the least, and after this show I can’t imagine wanting to go back anytime soon. It also speaks volumes about the quaility of shows that were run at this time. If you want, this show is available on YouTube but take it from me, watch something else.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Tuesday: WWF Superstars 5/13/95

Wednesday: WWF Boston Garden 5/13/95

Thursday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 5/14/95, WWF Action Zone 5/14/95

Friday: WWF In Your House: The Premiere 5/14/95

Saturday: WWF Monday Night RAW 5/15/95

Sunday: WWF Danbury, CT 5/16/95: Jeff Jarrett vs. British Bulldog Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title

Monday: WWF Superstars 5/20/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 5/21/95