Dynamite Kid post 1988

It’s Sunday night, so I’m folding toddler laundry as usual. I decided to put on Summerslam 88 as it’s one of my comfort food PPVs. I started thinking about Dynamite, and I don’t think I’ve seen a match from him post-88. I suppose I could look this up, but have you seen much of Dynamite post-WWF? When was he done, and how was his work near the end? 
Yeah he hung around Stampede post-WWF as the booker and teamed with Johnny Smith as the British Bruisers, which really allowed him to disguise his many shortcomings at that point.  Then that team went to All Japan and was there for a few years as well, with Kid basically hanging it up at the end of 1991 outside of a few appearances in the 90s here and there.  I've definitely seen a bunch of his All Japan stuff from tape trading, and he wasn't what I'd call “good” at that point, but he was passable and could let Johnny do the work anyway.  Obviously his back was wrecked, though.