British Bulldog in 92/93

Hi Scott,

I'm a long time reader of you going back to the 411wrestling days. This is my first email however.

In Autumn of 1992 Bulldog got popped for drugs and was fired from the WWF. If this hadn't happened and he had stayed around, where do you see him going?

Warrior leaving in the run up to Survivor Series 1992 leaves an open spot for a top face which Bulldog could have taken. The Summerslam 92 result would have been a great reason to give Bulldog the title shot at Rumble 93. 

Can you see Bulldog getting pushed to the main event and even winning the title during this period?
Weird, it's British Bulldog theme night tonight.  
I think Bulldog had hit his ceiling in 1992, because he was already known to be a flake and they just weren't gonna put any kind of serious stock into him as a top guy.  The only reason they let him have the IC title for a few weeks was because of the show being in England, and even then that thing was soon going to be bolted around Shawn's waist come hell or high water.  Even WCW was too wary of him to push him to the top!  When you're such a screwup that even WCW gives up on you, you've got problems.