AEW Thoughts



As always, it’s great to have the opportunity to drop a line to you and mention how much your work is appreciated.  Although I am pained by the seemingly inevitable demise of Billy Corrigan’s NWA, I hope it can come back in some form or


But back to the subject of my note: AEW has produced some very good-to-great pro wrestling content. I do like a good mixture of silly things, hard hitting wrestling, and lucha-style wrestling – because I think one of the facets that has
been missing over the last decade (or two!) is a variety of styles for us to consume.


Some of the content that AEW puts on Youtube, or even Dynamite sometimes, is barely watchable. I listen to Cornette’s youtube snippets, and I certainly don’t agree with all of his points of view, but he brings up a good point: when you
book matches like Michael Nakazawa vs. Marko Stunt, where the match is more choreography (bad choreography) and less actual pro wrestling – we can get so much better! Or Lance Archer, who was brought in as a killer but can’t defeat Marko Stunt in 30 seconds
or less, and is being positioned on the same level as Janela now? What do you think is the timetable for Tony Kahn, et al., to figure out that you can’t just put the VPs friends on television or on the youtube show and just expect people to like it, when there
are quality angles that can be shot for people who could actually draw money – like Archer? How can you grow an audience beyond the people that watch BTE without actually putting on high quality pro wrestling?


I have additional questions about AEW’s start and stop booking for people like Dustin Rhodes, Scorpio Sky, Matt Hardy, MJF, etc. – but that’s an entirely different e-mail of thoughts.


They've been around for a year and they're already competitive with RAW and Smackdown.  I'd say that's a pretty good indication that they know what they're doing, or at least they're able to figure it out on the fly.