NXT UK – August 13, 2020

Date: August 13, 2020
Commentators: Andy Shepard, Vic Joseph
Host: Andy Shepard

Believe it or not we actually have something different this week with some more Hidden Gems. These are a bunch of dark matches from various NXT UK TV tapings and some of these have been pretty good before. There is something nice about having a fresh match with no storyline behind it between bigger names and that is what we are getting here. Let’s get to it.

Andy throws us to the first match.

From June 16, 2019 at the Download Festival.

NXT Title: Adam Cole vs. Zack Gibson

Cole is defending after having won the title about two weeks earlier. The fans ask where is their….I’m not sure but they’ll have to settle for an exchange of wristlocks to start. Gibson elbows him down and stomps away in the corner, setting up a wristlock on the mat. The fans stand up in their hatred for Gibson and then sit down for the same reason. That’s enough of a distraction for Gibson to delay his cover for two and we hit the chinlock.

Back up and Gibson charges into a superkick for the double knockdown. Cole hits a pump kick and the fireman’s carry backbreaker, followed by a Backstabber for two. Gibson is right back with something close to an Angle Slam as the fans still don’t like him. Shankley Gates is blocked but Cole can’t hit the Last Shot.

Instead it’s Gibson with the Ticket To Ride but Cole superkicks him again for two. The Panama Sunrise is countered with an arm twist to the mat and Gibson’s middle rope Ticket To Ride gets two more. Back up again and they slug it out again until Cole superkicks him out of the air. The brainbuster onto the knee rocks Gibson and the Last Shot retains at 9:57.

Rating: B-. That was a fast ten minutes and it was nice to see Cole having to break a sweat against someone like Gibson. I know Gibson is in a good team with the Grizzled Young Veterans but he can do some good stuff on his own as well. It was weird seeing Cole as the default face here but he can wrestle that style well, so this was a nice time.

Video on Aoife Valkyrie, who seems to live in trees and wants the NXT UK Women’s Title.

The Hunt wants to hurt other teams.

From March 6, 2020.

Xia Brookside vs. Nina Samuels

Samuels flicks her hair at the handshake offer so Xia dropkicks her into an armbar. That’s reversed with a pull of the hair as they’re getting the face/heel dynamic set up fast this time. A headlock puts Samuels down until she reverses into a headscissors. Xia headstands her way out and kicks Samuels outside, setting up a baseball slide and a smile.

Back in and Samuels whips her hard into the corner but Xia hits some running knees to the back in another corner. Samuels grabs a rollup and some trunks but the referee actually does her job and catches her. That’s enough for Brookside to hit a high crossbody for the pin at 5:18.

Rating: C-. This was something that could have served as a very good opener for a show as they were in and out in a hurry and did just fine. I like both of them, even though they don’t seem to be the most viable Women’s Title contenders at the moment. Brookside seems to have all kinds of potential, and keeping her in a short match like this lets her shine and get out. Samuels is good at what she does, but her getting much higher than this doesn’t seem likely.

Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews want to make their future better.

Amele, the French Hope, wants to be the first French NXT UK Women’s Champion. She is a leader, not a follower.

From July 20, 2019.

Pete Dunne vs. Alexander Wolfe

They go straight to the slugout to start with Dunne knocking him outside in a hurry. Dunne follows him outside and goes for the fingers, which are stomped onto the steps. Wolfe staggers up the ramp and gets caught in the arm stomp, only to send Dunne into the apron. Back in and Wolfe hits a top rope clothesline before hammering down right hands. Wolfe slams him down and cranks on an arm and leg at the same time. Dunne fights up and hits a German suplex, followed by the X Plex for two.

Another X Plex is countered with a drop over the top rope but Dunne knocks him out of the air for two more. Dunne stomps away but Wolfe kicks him in the head, setting up a Death Valley Driver. They strike it out from their knees (BOO/YAY) and Wolfe snaps the fingers. The Bitter End is countered into a German suplex to give Wolfe two but Wolfe’s German superplex is countered with a nice backflip. A kick to the head sets up the Bitter End to finish Wolfe at 8:28.

Rating: B-. Dang I’ve missed Dunne as it’s so fun watching him in the ring. Wolfe is great for a midcard villain and it felt like Dunne needed to work to get his win here. They beat each other up for a good while and Dunne is someone who still looks like he could be in the WWE Title picture in the blink of an eye. Wolfe is good in his own right and this was a perfectly solid main event.

Overall Rating: B-. This worked rather well and it’s nice to see something new from NXT UK for a change. They have a lot of talent around here and some names who seem like they could be on regular NXT if not the main roster. Good show here, as this feels like a bunch of Coliseum Video exclusives, which isn’t a bad thing to have (sometimes).


Adam Cole b. Zack Gibson – Last Shot

Xia Brookside b. Nina Samuels – High crossbody

Pete Dunne b. Alexander Wolfe – Bitter End



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