Kevin Nash V1

Hi Scott, in your review for the raw the night after Diesel lost the title, he basically cuts a promo that kinda sets the template for his nWo run. You also mention that it would’ve saved his title reign. That got me wondering, how would you have rebooked his title reign? If he’s allowed to become essentially Kevin Nash V1, is it successful, or does Vince eventually water him down?

I don't know how successful it could have been, but it wouldn't have been the giant flop it turned into at least, so that's better.  But ultimately Nash had a ceiling as a draw.  I really think that a “less is more” approach would have worked better with him, where he does PPVs only to keep from getting exposed on TV, and works matches better suited to his style against smaller guys who could sell big for him, like Bret and Owen and Shawn.  Putting him in there with the parade of lugs like Sid and Mabel did him no favors.