Friday Night Party Thread: August 14, 2020


Okay, final decision on the Women’s Tag Cup: since the final is Saturday and Tommy Hall has it covered for his Dynamite review (I assume), on Wednesday I’ll do a special Road to the Finals review of the first two rounds, complete with all the snark about the draw I can muster at the time!

For now, I’ve got my food, my VEVO station going (classic rock, duh), and I’m ready to play my mindless game, Poker Night at the Inventory.  I’m a simple man who don’t need no Vince to be happy.

All right, folks, we’ve been over the rules.  Obey the moderator’s instructions at all times.  I expect a good, clean thread, except for the thirst traps — look, I’m realistic.  Keep it clean and non-pornographic, though.  Now, touch gloves, go to your laptops, fire up your joshi or whatever, and come out posting!

And now, here it is, your Moment of Zen:

Enjoy the weekend!