Heel Stone Cold

Hi Scott,

A lot of people like to talk about Stone Cold’s “failed” heel run starting from WM17 (including Austin himself).

I thought it was great, the paranoid rattlesnake had some amazing matches and moments. Some people say that the fans weren’t ready to boo the evergreen antihero.

I feel like aside from a theme change (he had 2 different themes cycle through briefly)Austin didn’t do *too much* to be more of a heel. His wrestling style, mannerisms etc pretty much stayed the same. His style post neck injury became the template for “Wwe main event style” but do you think if he tweaked his wrestling a bit more the heel turn would have worked better or do you agree that fans didn’t want to boo him?


I sure didn’t wanna boo him!  Maybe if Rock was around full time and HHH had turned babyface after X7 things would have been better because fans would still have a guy.  But the heel turn plus Invasion plus Two Man Powertrip was just too much.