All Out… Of Ideas

Hi Scott,

There are 3 Dynamites left until All Out but outside of AEW World Title match and maybe the Tag Title match (Page & Omega v FTR?) there doesn't seem to be anything else really significant building for the PPV.

Would you agree that they've lost their way slightly since Double or Nothing?

I know it's been rumoured that they are holding off on big moments until they can get a full live crowd back but there's no guarantee crowds are coming back anytime soon and I imagine PPV buys represent a decent amount of their income.


Yeah but the thing is that they HAVE their main event, Moxley v. MJF.  Everything else is gravy.  Plus I'm pretty sure it's Omega & Page v. Bucks v. FTR in a three-way, and maybe Jericho & LAX v. Best Friends & Orange Cassidy.  So I think they're good.