WWF Action Zone – April 30th, 1995

April 30. 1995

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Todd Pettengill

This week’s featured match has Jeff Jarrett defending the Intercontinental Title against Bob Holly.


Clips from Diesel vs. Bam Bam Bigelow on RAW are shown where Bigelow was fired from Ted DiBiase then attacked by The Corporation


We learn that 1-2-3 Kid is not facing Jeff Jarrett tonight due to injury so Holly is taking is place. After that we hear from both Jarrett and Holly to hype the match.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeats Buck Zumhoffe in a match from the 4/30/95 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” Ross tells us we will have more on Kid’s health later on in the show.


The host now run down the In Your House PPV. Here we learn that Kid suffered a “broken bone” in his neck and that WWF President Jack Tunney will have an announcement on his match that was scheduled on the PPV. Plus, we learn that Adam Bomb vs. Mabel will take place in a “King of the Ring” qualifying match. And speaking of King of the Ring, it was reported around this time in the “Pro Wrestling Torch” by Wade Keller that the King of the Ring would not necessarily be won by a name wrestler and used to elevate someone in the midcard. Remember that going forward.


Smoking Gunns defeat Tom Stone & Dave Sigfris in a match from the 4/30/95 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Bob Backlund is at Spring Break looking to “augment” those destroying their minds as he covers up a few girls in bikinis.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Jeff Jarrett (c) w/ The Roadie vs. Bob “Spark Plugg” Holly

This is from the 4/26 Challenge taping in Moline, IL. Pettengill talks about sitting in Holly’s race car during the Fan Festival. Jarrett attacks Holly before the bell. Holly slides underneath Jarrett then catches him with an arm drag and a slam. Holly clotheslines Jarrett through the ropes as Jarrett now takes a breather outside the ring. Holly pulls Jarrett up to the apron but Roadie trips him up and Jarrett is back in control. Jarrett works over Holly in the corner but taunts the crowd after blocking a reverse rollup and gets suplexed for a two count. Pettengill says that Jarrett & Roadie caused Kid to get injured as Holly now works the arm of Jarrett. Ross then says that Razor Ramon has a meeting later today with Tunney to discuss a new partner for In Your House. Holly stays in control but tries a hurricarana and Jarrett counters with a powerbomb. Jarrett whips Holly into the corner a few times as Ross puts over his intelligence and says that he was a collegiate All-American. Jarrett continues to target Holly’s back and struts around. Jarrett applies a Boston Crab after falling down by accident as Roadie tries to stretch out and give Jarrett some leverage. Jarrett now works a reverse chin lock but Holly escapes and uses a crossbody fore two. Jarrett then hits a side slam for two as we go to break. The match returns with Jarrett using another chin lock. Holly breaks that up by backing Jarrett into the corner but Jarrett comes off the middle rope with a double ax handle to Holly’s back. Jarrett then hits a flying stomp but Holly fights back. Holly misses a charge in the corner and Jarrett uses another chin lock. Holly fights out and catches Jarrett with a dropkick as both men are down. We go to another break and return with Holly using a mat slam. Holly now fires away and uses a back elbow smash for two. Dropkick gets two. Powerslam gets two but after that holly eats boot on a charge in the corner then Jarrett uses a cradle and has his feet on the ropes and gets the win. Ref Tim White comes out to say that Jarrett cheated then we learn that the match must continue. Holly uses a rollup and the ref goes to cover but the bell rings to restart the match so Holly then puts Jarrett in a small package for a two count. Jarrett misses a charge in the corner and Holly comes back with a flying clothesline and covers but despite Jarrett having his foot on the ropes, the ref counts to three. However, referee Tim White is back again as he was walking up the aisle while keeping looking toward the ring, and talks with match ref Dave Hebner what happened as Jarrett & Roadie are irate and then we hear that since these officials cannot make a decision, there are other officials in the building and a decision will be made later on in the show (14:09) **.

Thoughts: This played out like a house show match just without the cliffhanger ending as it was mostly on the mat and holds with occasional highspots mixed in between. The decision of the match though was quite dumb as if other referees were around then why was White the only one watching the match backstage? And the whole presentation of it was convoluted to where it did not seem to get over much with the crowd.


The hosts tell us that Tunney is in the arena, reviewing tape of Jarrett vs. Holly, and will make a decision before the show ends. So I guess he will now be the one making the call of the match.


A hype video for next week’s Bret Hart vs. Mantaur match is shown.


Doink defeats Barry Horowitz in a match from the 4/30/95 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”. The announcers spent all match talking about the decision that will be made on the Intercontinental Title before the show goes off the air.


Tatanka defeats Sonny Rogers in a match from the 4/30/95 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” . Ross says that Raymond Rougeau will deliver the official decision of the Intercontinental Title match.


Rougeau is backstage with Jarrett & Roadie and Holly, who has the Intercontinental Title belt over his shoulder. We learn that the title is now held up with a rematch on next week’s show. I think everyone could see where this was going based on how long the hype was made for the actual decision. I mean all you had to do was see the replay and saw that Jarrett had his foot on the ropes, it was conclusive, and just grant Holly a rematch instead of this weird title holdup.


Final Thoughts: We had an Intercontinental Title match ending with a wonky angle leading to another match for next week to determine the champion. And we get a second featured match next week in Bret vs. Mantaur. Plus, we learned of Kid’s injury and that Adam Bomb vs. Mabel will take place at In Your House to determine who gets into the King of the Ring tournament as it was a more exclusive show than usual.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Thursday: WWF Monday Night RAW 5/1/95

Friday: WWF Superstars 5/6/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 5/7/95

Saturday: WWF Action Zone 5/7/95

Sunday: WWF Monday Night RAW 5/8/95

Monday: WWF Providence Civic Center: 5/12/95

Tuesday: WWF Superstars 5/13/95

Wednesday: WWF Boston Garden 5/13/95