What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – June 3, 1995

After showing Jim Cornette’s turn on Bob Armstrong at Volunteer Slam IV, Chip Kessler interviews Cornette, SMW Champion Buddy Landel, and the Punisher outside of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Cornette wants to do the interview in his penthouse suite so after a commercial break the segment moves there.  After Landel gloats about the accommodations, Cornette gives a play-by-play of how he set Armstrong up and managed to also get revenge on the Gangstas at the same time, aided by video footage of the last six months.  During the re-telling, Cornette gets a phone call from Pamela Anderson for Landel, telling Landel that WWF Champion Diesel must be a lousy kisser.  After going through four commercial breaks, the segment ends with Cornette saying that Bob Armstrong cannot mess with him or his crew anymore because they promised last Thanksgiving was their final encounter.  Landel chips in and says with Cornette at his side that his SMW title is safe.

The ending of the PG-13-THUGS match for the USWA Tag Team Championship at Volunteer Slam IV airs, along with the three-way brawl between PG-13, the Gangstas, and the THUGS that took place on last week’s show.  Kessler announces on June 16 in Knoxville the three teams will face off for $10,000 and SMW referee Mark Curtis and USWA promoter Randy Hales will officiate.

The Gangstas hype a stretcher match with the THUGS for June 16, saying that they are prepared for any type of match.  They promise pain for PG-13.

USWA Tag Team Champions PG-13 and Randy Hales cut a taped promo.  Hales puts down Smoky Mountain Wrestling and the refereeing abilities of Mark Curtis.  J.C. Ice says he would hit his mother with a hubcap for $10,000, while Wolfie puts over the new clothes he could buy with that money.

The THUGS make fun of Hales’ looks and call PG-13 and Gangstas imitators of other big pop culture acts.

The show revisits the end of the Ricky Morton-Al Snow scaffold match at Volunteer Slam IV.

The broadcast ends back in the penthouse suite with Jim Cornette, SMW Champion Buddy Landel, and the Punisher.  Cornette calls his new crew a militia to upset the SMW establishment.

The Last Word:  SMW did a good job retconning the last six months of programming to make Jim Cornette look like some type of evil genius.  Sadly, the promo that Cornette gave to explain it took up too much of the show and the rest of the broadcast featured very little new content for SMW fans to dig their teeth into.

The promotion ran a few house shows from June 1-3 and here were the results of a couple of those shows courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Cumberland, Kentucky – Cumberland High School – June 2, 1995 (200):      Bobby Blayze pinned Mustafa…Boo Bradley beat Killer Kyle…The Dirty White Boy beat New Jack…Steve Armstrong defeated SMW Champion Buddy Landel via disqualification…The Rock N’ Roll Express beat SMW Tag Team Champions the Dynamic Duo via disqualification.

Chilhowie, Virginia – Chilhowie High School – June 3, 1995 (450):    Bobby Blayze pinned Mustafa…Boo Bradley beat Killer Kyle…The Dirty White Boy beat New Jack in a chain match…Steve Armstrong defeated SMW Champion Buddy Landel via disqualification…Steve Armstrong beat Jim Cornette via disqualification…The Rock N’ Roll Express wrestled SMW Tag Team Champions the Dynamic Duo to a no contest.

Backstage News*:        The next SMW television taping will take place on June 12 and it is expected that three new singles wrestlers and a tag team will appear.  The only new talent known at this time is the Punisher, who first appeared at Volunteer Slam IV.

*SMW is doing its best to cut costs and according to Jim Cornette, the promotion can break even on spot shows if it draws at least 200 fans and draw even in Johnson City if it can attract at least 600 fans.

*Backstage news provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for June 12.

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