Andre and Hogan at Shea

Hey Scott,


I know this is a bit before your time, but was wondering what you might have heard about the finish of the Andre/Hogan match at Shea in ’80. It looks as though Hogan kicks out of the pin at 2 ½ , maybe even closer to 2. Was this a miscommunication
or Hogan going into business for himself? If memory serves, this was around the time he was leaving to film Rocky III against Vince Sr.’s wishes, so it wouldn’t surprise me. Curious to what you may know.


I find it hard to believe that anyone would be dumb enough to go into business for themselves on Andre at that point, but they were also very protective of Hulk, so it could just be that he was told to kick out as soon as possible to build in some controversy for a rematch?  Just taking a guess, I've never heard anything otherwise.