Borrowing/adopting finishers

We seem to be seeing more and more of guys using their opponent's finisher against them in matches. While it can definitely be cool, I've always been a bigger fan of the rare instance when a wrestler incorporates an ally/former tag partner's finish into his own move set. 

For example, Rey permanently adopting Eddie's frog splash as a tribute to his friend, just as Eddie did when Art Barr passed. While not a permanent thing, I have to admit that I enjoyed  Christian periodically breaking the spear out, and the very rare occasion when Edge would use Christian's Unprettier as well. I also loved to think that Edge was using the implant DDT for a while as a move that he took from his former mentor Gangrel. When Chyna broke away from HHH and started doing her own thing against Jericho, I actually thought it was kind of a neat reminder of their alliance that she was using HHH's Pedigree for a while. Any personal favorites of yours? 

Maybe too obvious, but I always enjoy the legacy guys doing moves from their family, like Cody using a figure four and bionic elbow regularly.  Or Ted Jr using the Million Dollar Dream but adding a leg sweep.  There’s too much burial of the legends and it’s nice to see tribute paid sometimes.