Let’s Switch It Up

So a couple of MCU questions.

1. What’s what the online hate for Captain Marvel? While she’s not my favorite character, I enjoy the character and liked the way she used in Endgame.

2. While I have no problems with Infinity War/Endgame, wouldn’t it have been even more spectacular to have Thanos drop the “I am inevitable” line in Infinity War.

While I know this is nitpicking, I just feel like it would have made the end of the battle in Endgame that much cooler.

Comment and let the readers discuss!

1.  Dunno what the hatred is, exactly.  Captain Marvel wasn't my FAVORITE of my MCU, to be sure, but I certainly don't get the “Ew, icky, a girl hero!” nonsense.  I'm certainly glad to see Black Widow finally get a solo movie even though she's dead now and I doubt any of the whiny incels are going to be protesting THAT one.  

2.  Perhaps.  But it was still a spectacular moment either way.