WWF Action Zone – April 23rd, 1995

April 23, 1995

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Todd Pettengill

This week’s featured match is The Headshrinkers vs. Jacob & Eli Blu

We get highlights from two weeks ago during the Fatu vs. Eli Blu match where Eli won by DQ after Jacob Blu and Sionne got involved.


Adam Bomb defeats Brooklyn Brawler from the 4/23 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” The announcers here also talk about Bomb’s career taking off after dumping Harvey Whippleman. And we learn that Cheezy & Sleazy vs. Dink & Pink will also take place on the show.


Clips from last week where Ted DiBiase introduced Sid as the newest member of The Corporation.


Owen Hart & Yokozuna defeat Tim McNeany & Bill Payne from the 4/23 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”.


The announcers run down the In Your House card.


Cheezy & Sleazy vs. Dink & Pink

This match is from the 4/5 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Lowell, MA. Ross plugs the Superstar Line as Dink and Cheezy start off the match. Dink then bites Cheezy and after that the ref in the ass. Dink dances around before Cheezy pins him down. Dink escapes as Cheezy complains to the ref then we get the spot where Dink covers and gets shoved off and the ref catches him and puts Dink back on top. The ref then catches Cheezy on a kickout but dumps him as JR plugs Backlund’s announcement on May 15th. Sleazy and Pink are now in the ring as Sleazy works a face lock. Pettengill continues his match long bit about not being able to identify Cheezy or Sleazy and its really not that hard. The crowd sits on their hands as Ross promises to tell us more about Dok Hendrix, someone he knows a lot about, on the Superstar Line. We get Dink and Cheezy again as Dink whiffs on a dropkick. Cheezy attacks in the corner as Pettengill talks about loving this match. Cheezy misses a corner splash then Dink uses a pair of slams and drops an elbow. Dink then uses a monkey flip from the corner as Ross uses short jokes on commentary then Dink hits a crossbody for the win (6:07) DUD. Doink then runs into the ring and celebrates.

Thoughts: Just an embarrassment here between the dated match concept, awful commentary (Pettengill feigning excitement and Ross’s obligatory midget jokes certainly did not enhance the viewing experience), and crappy action. I don’t know why they even had this match since this was playing off something that happened in November and was quickly dropped.


Diesel is calling on from Stuttgart, Germany. Diesel talks about the tour being a success and how great the crowds have been throughout. Diesel also says the New Generation has caught on in Europe like it has everywhere else. Diesel then talks about facing Bigelow and is more than happy to as he calls himself a fighting champion. Ross now asks about his match against Sid on In Your House as Diesel said since Sid has not wrestled in a while that its tough to prepare then talks the match with Bigelow throwing a wrench into his preparation. Diesel hopes to study Bigelow and mentions watching his film to help Lawrence Taylor prepare. Ross then asks Diesel about Shawn Michaels. Diesel says their friendship will end up being stronger than ever and that Shawn’s feeling better and coming along faster than expected. Diesel then makes a joke about needing coffee when he gets back for RAW live this Monday. A much better interview than the garbage we saw on Challenge. Here, Diesel came off like a normal person instead of a corporate goof spouting off dated one-liners. It also pretty much confirms that Shawn is coming back as a babyface if you were not somehow convinced by how Vince and company were selling Sid’s attack.


We get a hype video for Diesel vs. Bigelow on RAW.


Jacob & Eli Blu w/ Uncle Zebekiah vs. The Headshrinkers w/ Capt. Lou Albano & Afa

We get a brawl immediately after the bell that ends up spilling to the outside. Fatu drills Eli with a thrust kick then hammers away as the match settles down in the ring. Fatu then hits a piledriver for a two count before tagging out. Sionne drops an elbow then Eli is knocked outside after a double shoulder block. Fatu then is tripped up from the floor and crotched into the post as the Blus pull a switcheroo. Jacob is in now and he knocks down Fatu. Eli ducks his head for a back drop and gets headbutted as both men are down. Eli tags and hammers away on Fatu in the corner. Jacob & Eli cut the ring in half as the announcers hype the house you can win as part of the In Your House PPV. Fatu catches Jacob with a kick to the face as both men are down again. Jacob & Eli maintain control though and isolate Fatu in their corner. Owen Hart & Yokozuna now come down to ringside as they are apparently scouting these teams. We go to break and return with Fatu in a chin lock. The announcers talk about the winner being the #1 contenders then Fatu hits a double clothesline and tags out. Sionne rusn wild to zero reaction, as always if we are being honest, but does end up getting the crowd into him a little bit after some posing. The match breaks down as Fatu gets dumped then attacked by the champs. However, the Smoking Gunns rund  own for the save then into the ring and attacks Jacob & Eli as the ref rings the bell for the DQ (8:08) *1/2. Jacob & Eli are led up the aisle by Uncle Zebekiah then The Headshrinkers end up cleaning house on the champs as the Gunns come in to celebrate and raise the hands of The Headshrinkers. We then see The Headshrinkers raise the belts as we did not get an official decision on the match.

Thoughts: Not much of a match as we get another non-finish between these teams but at least the brawl at the end woke up the crowd and it shows the hierarchy of the division at this time.


Jean Pierre LaFitte defeats Ben Jordan from the 4/23 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Final Thoughts: We got two exclusive matches this week although they were not good plus an interview with Diesel. And like the other shows this weekend it was mostly a hype job for Diesel vs. Bigelow on RAW plus generic hype for In Your House.


Monday: WWF Monday Night RAW: 4/24/95

Tuesday: WWF Superstars 4/29/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 4/30/95

Wednesday: WWF Action Zone 4/30/95

Thursday: WWF Monday Night RAW 5/1/95

Friday: WWF Superstars 5/6/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 5/7/95

Saturday: WWF Action Zone 5/7/95

Sunday: WWF Monday Night RAW 5/8/95