WCW Tag scene 96

I can't think of one match where the Outisders popped out a good match in any title defense or win.  The Harlem heat switch had its moments and heat, but after that, they really killed the tag division .  Putting the Title on Hogan ASAP was needed i agree, but did the Outsiders really need the belts? Couldn't they just be The Outsiders still and have the same amount of heat, since every team had to tone down to their level of stalling?  For all the potential Bishoff saw in the cruiserweight division, he or someone had to know you coulda got great matches out of some mid-card mix-matching with the likes of Benoit, Jericho, Guerrero, Wright, Regal, etc etc against the various other tag-teams.  can you imagine Guerrero & Jericho bouncing around for the steiners? or Regal & eaton exchaning facial expressions with the Heat?

It was OK to put the titles on them because obviously they were the biggest stars, but the problem is that WCW never used that rub to put anyone over.  The Steiners finally got the titles by beating Sean Waltman, but it was way too late for anyone to care by then. But that's the story of the nWo in a nutshell.