The new stable and an idea for it

How to make “Retribution: the Stable” work. 

Model it after the Reavers and give them an explicit reasons for their hatred for Vince and the WWE. 

Lita as the leader/Donald Pierce. If they can pay to bring Edge back, they can bring Lita back too. Her motives are revenge on the WWE for Edge's various crippling injuries that have hampered his quality of life in retirement and the way they “threw him away” once he was no longer any use for him. Also, for how the WWE turned the Hardy Boys into junkies and messed them up mentally while exploiting their real life demons for money and ratings. She is driven by ideology (the crappy way the industry treats wrestlers/throws them away) and revenge for how the people in her life have been harmed by Vince's indifference and will stop at nothing to destroy the WWE. 

Jaxson Ryker: The Lady Deathstrike. Soldier with anger but no one to direct it at. Feels increasingly bitter at how TNA Impact folk like him have been treated in the WWE and wants revenge on Vince. Lita offers him an outlet for his desire to hurt the WWE, but like Deathstrike and her sense of honor, he has issues with Lita's “scorch earth” campaign.
Rusev: With most of the fired WWE guys with other companies, that leaves him as the only free agent out there to bring back to seek revenge. Has a lot of hate for Vince but also for Bobby Lashley and Lana. Lita seeks to exploit his desire for revenge and he's more than willing to make a deal with the devil and be her instrument of revenge so long as he gets to end Bobby and Lana. He's the Scylla/Skullbuster II of the group and front and center with regards to Lita's plans to gain the various titles to force Vince to listen to her if mindless violence doesn't work

Roderick Strong: The Reese/Cole/Macon. His time as Dexter Lumis's captive and Adam Cole/Undisputed Era's indifference to his trauma has him realizing that he doesn't want to be Adam Cole's bitch boy his entire career. He wants power and glory and with Lita and her army, he'll get it in spades. 

Sami Zayn: The Pretty Boy. He is livid at how Vince stripped him of the IC title while allowing Brock to go months on end without defending the world title. Lita doesn't trust him at all, but he's a valuabe fighter and is charismatic where it counts preaching her message that the WWE and Vince need to be made to pay for the shit way they treat their talent. Whereas Jaxson has doubts on the methods Lita uses to achieve victory, Sami is more concerned with how he can game Lita's scheme to settle old scores and come out on top.  

All hate Vince, all have reasons for hating the WWE, all have different motives to fuel multiple storylines currently in play. Rusev has Bobby/Lana plus Drew and Braun, Sami has AJ/Bryan/Drew Gulak and Brock when he comes back, Lita has Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy and Asuka (who will be horrified at Lita's descent into villainy and be desperate to stop her vendetta), Jaxson/Roderick have New Day they want to destroy (since they are Vince's standard bearers) plus Dexter Lumis, when he can get back into the ring since there is backstory between Dexter and Jaxson from their TNA Impact days that can be mined for storyline potential, along with Cole and the rest of the Undisputed Era and Roderick accusing Cole of making a slave out of him because he legit feared Roderick was better than him and would have taken the title off of him if they ever faced off one on one.   

Jesse Baker

Vince would literally be insane not to make this happen tomorrow.