The North vs FTR

So, Scott D'amore has tweeted that Impact would support a match between FTR and The North. The match itself would be pretty cool, and obviously good for Impact whose profile is pretty low these days. However, would it be good for AEW? If they did as Scott suggests and have two matches, one on each show, I could see that popping a rating for Impact, but would that do anything for AEW other than halting a current storyline to feature non signed talent. I mean, when Brian Pillman Jr was on, nobody was talking about MLW, so I imagine AEW would be hesitant to promote Impact in the first place.

I'd agree with that.  I'm also very surprised that Pillman is just getting used as a job guy on Dark, but maybe he's still locked in with MLW and they can't really do anything with him, I dunno.