Gauntlet Matches

Hi Scott!

Q&A for the site. I think the quarantine is really getting to me that tonight I was starting to feel nostalgic for the Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins gauntlet matches on TV last year before WrestleMania (or just too many empty venue shows since March is making me think 2019 WWE crowds were “alive”).

Are there any other good or great gauntlet matches out there? I feel like the only ones I have any memory of existed just to tell the story of either giant is unstoppable or put two main event guys over the entire tag division, and neither of those are promising signs for match quality or entertainment value.

Also, did you ever review any of the Stranglemania tapes? The closest I could find was a couple years ago you saying people kept asking you to do it.
I never did those, no.  Closest would be the ICP's Juggalo Championshit Wrestling tapes that I reviewed and generally enjoyed.  
As for gauntlet matches, meh.  I never remember any of them and it's kind of a dumb concept that usually gives you a bunch of super-short matches with stupid finishes.  I do typically enjoy the Beat the Clock variation, however, because it gives you real stakes.