WWF Superstars – April 22nd, 1995

April 22, 1995

From the Glens Falls Civic Center in Glens Falls, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix

This week, Jeff Jarrett defends the Intercontinental Title against Aldo Montoya as we get a video package hyping the rematch after Montoya beat him two weeks ago by getting his arm up when Jarrett used a bridging suplex.


The announcers run down the show as Dok refers to Montoya as “Alpo.”


Owen Hart & Yokozuna w/ Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji vs. John Crystal & Leroy Howard

The announcers talk about Owen & Yokozuna being able to fend off 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly and retain the Tag Team Titles on RAW. Vince reminds us that Owen chose Yokozuna as his partner because Yokozuna did what he could not do, which is beat Bret for the WWF World Title. Owen beats on Crystal to start as the crowd chants for Bret and boy is that chant sweetened here. Howard tags and works the arm of Owen briefly until he runs into a clothesline. Yokozuna tags and Howard gets hit with a double clothesline. Howard tags out as Crystal comes in and gets decked by Yokozuna as Vince lists off all of the teams wanting a shot at the belts. Crystal bounces off Yokozuna a few times then is put away with a Banzai Drop (2:45).

Thoughts: An easy win for the champs as there are several teams looking for a title shot.


We now get a video package on the Smoking Gunns set to really cheesy Western music. This would have been lame even a decade prior.


Up next, Razor Ramon is in action.


Jeff Jarrett & The Roadie are backstage. Vince asks Jarrett about his confidence level tonight. Jarrett says his confidence is always high and the best wrestler in the world today, something Montoya will find out today.


Razor Ramon vs. Mark Starr

Hendrix talks about Razor’s injured knee but Vince says we do not see Razor limping. Hendrix claims that Starr is related to Bart Starr. Razor chops Starr in the corner before tossing him across the ring. Razor uses a fallaway slam then stretches him out as the announcers talk about The Roadie’s interference costing Razor the Intercontinental Title. Razor slaps Starr off the back of the head then hammers away. Razor toys with Starr as Vince says that no one has survived the Razor’s Edge. Razor now hits a super back suplex before the Razor’s Edge gets the win as Razor covered with one foot (3:45).

Thoughts: A win for Razor as on commentary they really played up how The Roadie has fucked Razor out of the Intercontinental Title on more than one occasion.


Vince now tries to interview Hunter Hearst Helmsley, who is via satellite. However, there are technical issues.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. This is about the World Tour De Force shows in the New York Area. They take place June 9th-11th. The Nassau Coliseum show will have a 20-man battle royal where the winner gets a title shot against Diesel. Also at that show we will see Razor Ramon vs. Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental Title where Roadie is hung in a cage over the ring. At the Madison Square Garden show, Diesel will defend the World Title against Psycho Sid. The Meadowlands show will have Diesel & Undertaker with a mystery partner against Sid & Kama & Tatanka. At least they are not running the same exact shows like they have before. The different main events at least give more of a reason to check out multiple shows.


Now, we see Montoya backstage as Vince asks him about his thoughts heading into his match. Montoya says he is ready and this time will defeat Jarrett for the Intercontinental Title before ending the promo by speaking Portuguese.


We see Psycho Sid attacking Shawn Michaels three weeks ago then being announced as the newest member of The Corporation this past weekend. Vince once again says that this whole saga was orchestrated by Ted DiBiase weeks ago. The retcon of having DiBiase the one who signed Sid and convinced him to be Shawn’s bodyguard is odd to say the least.


Special guest ring announcer is a young kid named Brandon Mitchell, who is wearing a shirt about eight sizes too big.


Kama w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Tony Roy

We see a clip from Kama at WrestleMania talking with Jim Ross about how he will melt the Undertaker’s urn and turn it into a chain to wear around his neck. This is to hype the Coliseum Home Video release of WrestleMania XI, which comes out on May 24th. Hendrix tells us that Roy is a descendant of Rob Roy as Kama takes Roy over with a hip toss. Hendrix laughs about Shawn Michaels being gone for a long time but Vince said he will be back with a vengeance. The announcers now plug Diesel vs. Bam Bam Bigelow for the World Title this Monday on RAW as Vince adds Sid is not happy about the match. Kama goes for a clothesline but Roy ducks and Kama goes over the top rope. Kama drags Roy outside then the action heads back inside as Kama beats on Roy. Vince predicts Bigelow will have a great showing on RAW, adding its his final shot at the title, then Kama hits a flying elbow drop for the win (2:24).

Thoughts: Besides the Undertaker/Kama feud they spent a lot of focus talking about Bigelow pissing off Sid by getting himself a title shot without DiBiase’s knowledge.


We get a new vignette of Bob Backlund at Spring Break. Backlund interrupts a wet t-shirt concert and covers up a woman then we see him yell at the Spring breakers about going to management and getting the contest barred. We then learn that Backlund will have his big announcement on May 15th. Hendrix claims Backlund will be announcing his engagement to Attorney General Janet Reno as Vince quips about that being quite the couple. Backlund is now presented as more of a comedy character than a threat and at this point its for the best.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Aldo Montoya vs. Jeff Jarrett (c) w/ The Roadie

We see Jarrett shove Montoya after a break but he decides to strut and Montoya takes him down with an arm drag. The announcers keep mentioning how Razor is here today as Jarrett now complains to the ref about a hair pull. Montoya uses a few more arm drags and now works the arm on the mat as the announcers talk about Jarrett being preoccupied with Razor. Hendrix brings up “In Your House” and Roadie’s lack of wrestling experience, which is odd since he has not been announced as wrestling on the show. Jarrett ducks a crossbody then stomps Montoya as Vince says you need to take chances in order to become a champion. Jarrett hits Montoya with a swinging neckbreaker as Vince says that Jarrett wants to teach Montoya over the embarrassing loss two weeks ago. Jarrett now uses a chin lock as Hendrix is saying that Roadie is picking up wrestling by watching Jarrett as Vince now announces that Roadie & Jarrett will be facing Razor & 1-2-3 Kid. Montoya ducks his head during a reversal sequence and Jarrett hits a DDT for two as we go to break. The match returns as Jarrett whips Montoya into the corner for a two count. Hendrix tells us that Montoya took a beating during the break as Jarrett uses a chin lock and puts his feet on the ropes for leverage at times. Roadie holds up Montoya for Jarrett but Montoya moves out of the way and Roadie gets hit with a high knee. Montoya runs wild and gets a nearfall but Roadie trips him up as Jarrett also falls to the mat as to make the ref think there was no funny business. Razor then runs out and chases Roadie backstage as Montoya uses a pair of rollups for two. Crossbody gets two. Montoya then hits a dropkick in the corner but Jarrett ducks the flying bulldog as Hendrix tells us that Montoya landed on his knee and Jarrett quickly makes Montoya submit to the figure-four (10:56) **. Jarrett then takes the Intercontinental Title belt and heads backstage.

Thoughts: On commentary they gave it away that Razor would make an appearance during the match and no one was thinking that Montoya would be the Intercontinental Champion. The match itself wasn’t much but Vince did sell it like only he can on commentary. Also, we learned of a tag match presumably on the In Your House PPV.


An ad for the WWF Merchandise Catalog airs.


The hosts tell us how we can enter to win a house live on the “In Your House” PPV.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. More hype for the World Tour De Force shows in the New York Area. We get some of the participants of the 20-man battle royal in the Nassau Coliseum and they are as follows: Duke Droese, Tatanka, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Jacob & Eli Blue. What a murderers row of talent. Plus, at Madison Square Garden we learn that Adam Bomb will get a shot at Jeff Jarrett’s Intercontinental Title.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley is about to tell us something then acts disgusted at our presence and the segment ends.


Duke Droese vs. Roy Raymond

Hendrix said that Jerry Lawler challenged Bret Hart but Bret refused as Vince says that its Bret Hart vs. Hakushi at In Your House. Droese slams Raymond as we now hear Hendrix tell us that Raymond is a descendant of Raymond Burr of Perry Mason fame. The announcers talk about Jean Pierre LaFitte beating Droese on RAW as Hendrix predicts that Bigelow will beat Diesel on RAW for the title this coming Monday night. Droese works a chin lock as Vince once again says that Sid is upset that Bigelow took it upon himself to get a title shot. Raymond fights back but Droese catches him with a back drop. Droese does miss an elbow drop and Raymond stomps away and even Vince makes fun of his shitty offense. Droese comes back with a clothesline then hits a leg drop for a two count. Droese goes back to the chin lock as Vince says Sid is also pissed over Shawn Michaels returning to the WWF. Droese elbows Raymond then uses a powerslam before telling us its time to take out the trash as he hits the trash compactor for the win (3:39). Vince then tells us that Hakushi vs. Kwang will take place next week.

Thoughts: A long, crappy squash match so the announcers could talk about more important happenings in the company. Hakushi vs. Bret will also be on the PPV as Hendrix kept saying Bret refused a match against Lawler, which I’m sure we will hear more about on RAW.


A hype video for next week’s Hakushi vs. Kwang match airs.


We once again cut to Hunter Hearst Helmsley but he still does not want to speak with us.


The announcers hype up Hakushi vs. Kwang for next week with Hendrix making exaggerated “karate” sounds to mock both guys. Lovely stuff.


Final Thoughts: The IC Title match was passable and we did learn of two other matches added to the PPV, despite their oddly enough being no “In Your House” report on the show. Next week we get a rematch of Hakushi vs. Kwang in two guys who teamed up once and fought after losing due to miscommunication as the PPV is now just three weeks away.

The review of this weekend’s “Wrestling Challenge” will be posted later this evening.