New Japan Pro Wrestling: Summer Struggle (Part 4) 8.6.20

-It’s the first night of the tournament to crown new NEVER 6 Man Tag Team Champions.  We are live from Tokyo at Korakuen Hall.

***Quick Note*** As I try and catch up two days of shows, the first half will be a quick summary with results of each match.


1.  Gabriel Kidd vs.  Yuji Nagata

– Nagata let Kidd get a lot of offense in.  7 minutes in, Kidd grabs the Boston Crab and Yuji has to fight for the ropes.  They exchange forearms as Kidd lands some running offense.  Yuji cuts him off with a knee to the gut.  Overhead suplex and crossface makes Kidd tap out @ 8:30.


2.  Yota Tsuji and Ryusuke Taguchi vs.  Master Wato and Hiroyoshi Tenzan

– Tsuji took the abuse from Tenzan until he tags out to Taguchi.  3 Amigos by Taguchi.  Wato comes back in as well as Tsuji.  Tsuji nails a somersault senton for 2.  Tsuji nails a flying dropkick for another 2.  But eventually Wato cuts him off.  Wato hits the Spinal Tap for the win @ 9:57.


3.  YOSHI-HASHI, Tomohiro Ishii, and Hirooki Goto vs.  Satoshi Kojima, Tomoaki Honma, and Togi Makabe

– About 8 minutes in, a match that started with Makabe and Goto, broke down to the same two battling with YOSHI coming in to clear house.  Now a 3 on 1 until Makabe is forearmed by Ishii into Goto who locked in a sleeper.  Crucifix on Makabe and Goto’s team wins it @ 9:13.


4.  Yuya Uemura, Kota Ibushi, and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs.  Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Zack Sabre Jr, and Taichi

– Uemura argues with his team mates to let him start, but Suzuki Gun makes the decision for them by ttacking before the bell.  Uemura is able to get the upper hand on Kanemaru and Tanahashi demands the tag.  This gives Kanemaru enough time to get to the corner so ZSJ can attack the knee.  ZSJ comes in legally to crank more punishment on the knee.  ZSJ grabs a heel hook and drags Tanahashi to the corner so Taichi can come in.  Uemura gets a little too excited to get in but it helps Tanahashi tag out to Ibushi.  Taichi cuts him off and they go to their kick trading spot.  Taichi misses a charge and Ibushi kicks him dead to the face.  Uemura and Kanemaru back in, so we’re going home.  Uemura nails a suplex for 2.  Young Lion Boston Crab but Kanemaru makes the ropes.  PK by Kanemaru gets 2 before all 6 men come back in.  Kanemaru with an inverted DDT gets 2.  Jumping DDT from the second rope gives Suzuki Gun the win @ 9:26.  (I like that Uemura is given a little story here with Tanahashi seeming over zealous to get in and it costs his team the match.  Good preview for their tournament match tomorrow. C-.)

– Post match, ZSJ and Taichi punish Tanahashi as Ibushi struggles to get to his feet.  They hold Tanahashi for Ibushi and tell him to nail his partner.  Ibushi gets to his feet but does not attack him.  ZSJ and Taichi attack Tanahashi and leave him laying in the ring.  Ibushi stares on from the outside.


5.  Jado, Gedo, and Yujiro Takahashi vs.  SHO, Toru Yano, and Kazuchika Okada

– Okada and Yujiro to begin things with Okada giving him a clean break before Jado and Gedo attack from behind.  Okada faceplants Yujiro and then kips up because he has to be great at everything possible.  Yujiro cuts him off with an eye rake and dropkicks him low to the outside.  Gedo whips Okada with his belt while Red Shoes does everything but referee.  Yujiro with some right hands over the downed Okada that miss by a mile.  Okada is thrown into the corner and that pesky corner pad has fallen again.  Jado is ow being super evil.  He gets his dirty tactics in quickly and Yujiro is back in.  Okada is laid up against the ropes and eats a boot to the face.  Okada mounts a comeback to hot tags for Yano and Gedo.  Yano goes for the corner pad but Gedo cuts him off.  Yano grabs a double fist full of beard until Red Shoes breaks it up.  Yano gets the corner pad but throws it to Red Shoes.  They battle for the corner whip and Gedo finally takes it twice.  SHO tagged in and catches Jado napping.  He attempts to deadlift German Gedo but is elbowed in the face.  SHO is sent into the ropes and Jado nails him with the kendo stick to the face.  Evil motherfucker.  Cover gets 2.  SHO forearms him but gets trapped in a draping DDT.  SHO kicks out at 2 so Gedo distracts the ref.  Kendo stcik shot is thwarted and Yano crotches Gedo in the post.  Spear from SHO into an armbar submission and Jado taps out @ 12:02.  (For what CHAOS had to work against, they made the best out of it.  Yujiro and Okada did their usual spots to kill some time.  Not spectacular, but entertaining.  C-.)



6.  DOUKI, El Desperado, and Minoru Suzuki vs.  BUSHI, SANADA, and Shingo Takagi

– I’ll give you one guess how this match starts.  Yes, Suzuki Gun attacks before the bell.  BUSHI and Desperado break off in-ring.  Suzuki decides to beat on BUSHI inside then goes back outside to abuse Shingo.  DOUKI ties up Red Shoes so Desperado can choke BUSHI with his shirt.  DOUKI in now, and nails an elbow for 2.  BUSHI looks terrified that Suzuki has now tagged in.  Suzuki ties up a knee and lifts into a cloverleaf.  Suzuki transitions to a cross arm breaker.  He tags out to Desperado so he can go back to the floor to beat on Shingo some more.  BUSHI fights free of a double team and is able to tag in Shingo.  Where the hell is SANADA??  Suzuki comes in to exchange strikes with Shingo.  PK attempted but Shingo catches the leg.  He drops Suzuki and they meet back in the middle for slaps and forearms.  Suzuki ducks a wild swing and locks in the sleeper but Shingo fights out and suplexes him.  SANADA tags in.  Oh there he is.  Suzuki catches him with a low knee and tags in DOUKI.  DOUKI traps the arms and drops down into a split whle covering SANADA for 2.  DOUKI nails an enziguiri but LIJ comes in to save SANADA.  Dragon Sleeper on DOUKI that is held for a but until Suzuki comes in with a sleeper on SANADA at the same time.  Brawl between Suzuki and Shingo continues..  Pumping Bomber on Suzuki clears the ring.  DOUKI and SANADA trade counters and DOUKI almost steals on a cradle.  SANADA is tired of fucking around and locks in a Dragon Sleeper and goes to the ground with it.  DOUKI taps out @ 13:42.  (Match was all over the place and the crowd was into it.  Suzuki and Shingo obviously are setting up for a program with as much attention they were given.  C+.)

– Post match, Suzuki and Shingo continue to brawl as the bell rings.  Suzuki grabs the NEVER title and carries it to the entrance and lays it down on the ground.  Shingo grabs it as Suzuki waves goodbye to him.



– This sets up Okada, Yano, and SHO vs. SANADA, BUSHI, and Shingo for Friday.  Two more quarterfinal matches are up for the Thursday show.  I will be back in a few hours with a short recap of that show as I continue to catch up for Friday’s live show.  See you then.